I’m SO excited to introduce a new monthly column from our brand new guest editor, Natalie Vartanian. It’s called Tarot Tuesdays.
Natalie will give us an outlook for the upcoming month using her experience as a life coach, love + relationship expert and tarot reader.

Without further adieu . . .


TAROT TUESDAYS // a new perspective on gratitude
Let’s face it. Sometimes when you hear the word Gratitude, you want to say in the most snarky way possible “You try and be grateful when your life is a series of challenges and feels perpetually shitty!
Oh wait, is that just me?!

I know that for as much as this concept is a life changing and transformative one, there is a stigma or charge that can leave a bad taste in our mouths.

When I find this is true with something, especially a word or thought, I like to try and find a different way of looking at it … a fresh perspective. It’s just like relationships. Even the closest of couples, after a certain point, need to re-inject some passion back in their lives.

This is how I see it with shifting our viewpoints. It is a way of falling back in love with the essence, so we can be open to the beauty and the lessons at the core just waiting for us to discover them.

Add on to that the fact that I love playing with Tarot Cards and you have a much more exciting and magical approach to ‘opening your mind.’

With that, I’m going to pull a Tarot Card around Gratitude for the month of November, to help us be with it in a new and interesting way.

Drum roll please . . .

Well would you look at that. Not one but TWO cards came flying out of the deck. You know it’s going to be good when they make a break from the rest of the cards to get their message across!

The first card is the TEN OF PENTACLES. The second one is THE WORLD card in the reversed position.

{Cards from the Golden Universal Tarot Deck}


What this talks about is the feeling of being grounded because the Ten of Pentacles is that vision we hold for our ideal life when it comes to the material world: our home, our business, our finances, our family, etc.

All of the things we create in the world that are tangible and solid. What I am feeling here is that the process of Gratitude is the process of rooting and grounding.

With the World card, it speaks to again this idea of our ideal vision we hold for our life but not just in one dimension or facet, in ALL of them. The World card is the combination of the head, heart, body and spirit. It has us focusing in on the World we want to create for ourselves, and making sure that it encompasses everything this world has to offer. What I am feeling here is that the process of Gratitude is the process of creation and manifestation.

When we are grateful we are affirming what is true and what is real. We are making sure those roots are solidly in the earth so that when we grow big and tall (and reach for the stars) we are stable and strong.

It’s not about the fake it until you make it as much as leaning on what you have already made.

We can definitely get all esoteric and Universe and woo woo on this about what happens as a result of this rooting, however I like to keep it simple.

Gratitude gives us a ground to stand on. And when we are feeling less rocky and unsafe, we can think more clearly about what we have, what we want and how to get it. It’s way easier to create our worlds from THAT place!

In what ways will you apply these principles of rooting, grounding, creation and gratitude in your life this month? 



Main photo by Kyknoord via Flickr

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