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UPDATE: The Girl Who Knows is on an indefinite hiatus.

Please enjoy the abundance of content here, which we hope is still relevant, maybe even timeless. 

The Girl Who Knows is a different kind of lifestyle destination.

A place where people come together to learn how to live from their senses.
A place where we tackle the deep stuff AND the “fluff” – in equal measure.

Because life isn’t just about sitting in lotus pose and reading self-help books.
It’s about enjoying every single facet – the experiences, places, people and products that make our lives rich + fulfilling.
And our senses are the keys to, well . . . all of that. And so much more.

Online at The Girl Who Knows we feature an expertly curated collection of stories, tools, products & discoveries, all designed to infuse you with wisdom, empowerment, and inspiration on your journey.

Because we believe that when you’re highly inspired and your senses are heightened, the chasm between what’s possible & impossible starts to look a whole lot smaller.

We’ve invited a hand-picked selection of guest editors who offer their take on why our senses hold the keys to a better life – while we tackle everything from life lessons to artisanal products to healthy recipes for every day to how to create a home that truly feels like home.




I’m Stephanie Watanabe.
Founder of The Girl Who Knows.
Thanks for stopping by!

A bit about me . . .

I’m an irrepressible entrepreneur, conscious business advisor, former filmmaker, proud mixed-race Japanese American woman, birthday month advocate, matcha enthusiast, seasoned event producer, and an insatiable seeker of unforgettable experiences. For starters.


On a more practical note, I’m a multi-passionate, multi-talented, multi-media champion of life + business + creativity. And I believe (with conviction), that our six senses offer a simple and approachable way to help us become present to the beauty and magic in the world around, and inside us. I’m honored to be here with you to share some thoughts on life, love, business and the most decadent body balm I’ve ever met.

A few bits of randomness about me.
We’ll stick with the facts. They make the best stories.

I grew up the eldest of three, in a Japanese + American + Mormon (!!!) household, in a remarkably homogeneous community in the Midwest. Off to an interesting start, already . . .

In high school, I was a rampant theater geek. Kinda like GLEE. Minus the slushies.

I never wanted a ‘normal’ job. So I graduated (with honors) from the American Film Institute. The #1 film school in the world. Just sayin’.

By my 31st birthday, I’d helped launch three different companies — a production company that scored me a seat at AFI, a boutique event design studio, and a digital production company in the Bay Area.

For a brief spell, I worked as a talent agent’s assistant in Hollywood. Think: Anne Hathaway in Devil Wear’s Prada, minus the free Chanel bags. I’ve seen the light & dark side of fame, power & access.
And like they say on Facebook — it’s complicated.

I identify as an HSP. An INFP. The Connoisseur. I’m a snake. A Type 2 (with hints of 4, 3 and 7). A Taurus. And my North Node is in Libra.

For pure pleasure & personal expansion, I’ve studied yoga, Ayurveda, life coaching, filmmaking, entrepreneurship, digital marketing, social media, natural perfumery, writing, and photography. I weave elements of everything I learn into my work here at The Girl Who Knows — and by extension, into yours.

Put simply — I live with my senses fully turned up and ON. And they always lead me home.

Let the beauty we love be what we do. There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground.

- Rumi

However you choose to kneel & kiss the ground in this lifetime, I hope The Girl Who Knows is right there inspiring you, every step of the way.

The Girl Who Knows - Stephanie Watanabe

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