In our weekend round-up, we feature a curated selection of picks, for each of your six senses.

Plus a little bonus called DO GOOD. Because we believe in giving back and doing good. Naturally.

Simple. Beautiful. Inspirational. And maybe even a little funny.
Grab a cup ‘o tea, a latte, or some other deliciousness and dig in.



I have to thank my love for introducing me to Into The Woods for the first time. It’s one of his favorites and now one of mine too. I can’t wait for Christmas Day. You’ll find us both in line waiting to see the star studded cast of this award nominated film. Maybe we’ll see you there!


There are few things I love more than the scent of cinnamon rolls cooking in the oven. It’s a smell that takes me back and reminds me of early mornings, watching the news with my Dad as I ate cinnamon rolls before jetting off to school. When I saw this recipe on one of my favorite foodie blogs Local Milk, I knew I had to figure out how to make these babies. A super decadent and grown-up version of the Pillsbury version, these delicious treats are brushed with a whiskey eggnog frosting. Sure to please the entire clan this Christmas!



As we wrap up 2014, I’ve been reflecting on some of the pivotal moments in my life this year. It might sound silly but one of these moments, was when Philip Seymour Hoffman passed away. The man was brilliantly talented and as this video shows, a great mind and a thoughtful soul. I’m so glad that this conversation happened and was recorded. Enjoy a deep, intellectual, heartfelt discussion about happiness between the late actor and philosopher Simon Critchley.


It’s no secret. I love my kitty fur babies. A lot. And they’re quite the spoiled little duo. I love buying them cute blankets to cozy up with and they have more than their share of handmade cat toys. When I discovered this adorable little wool cat cozy, I almost fell off my chair. I mean . . . it’s GENIUS and ADORABLE! My cats (and all cats) have a penchant for crawling and cozying up in small spaces and this creates the perfect little nook. I know what our kitties are getting for Christmas this year.


My favorite drink during the winter months (and every other time of the year) is hot cocoa. There’s something so decadent, comforting and nostalgic about drinking a big cup of cocoa. It takes me back to my childhood. Growing up I used to ice skate and one of my favorite moments after a skating lesson was the cup of hot chocolate I would score from the automatic machine. My taste has gotten a bit more sophisticated these days, but I’m a still a kid at heart and a warm cup of cocoa is still the way to my heart. This beautiful gift set from Simone LeBlanc is obviously on my wish list.


How do you want to feel in your home? It’s something I’ve thought a lot about this past year. That and how to create financial freedom for myself and my love. I’ve been a longtime fan of Kate Northrup’s work (if you haven’t read her book Money: A Love Story, add it to your list). Kate recently released a brand new online course called Feng Shui for Financial Freedom, which is designed to help you setup your home or office space in a way that will help you be and feel prosperous. I’m part way through the course and am already SO excited about implementing the feng shui principles in our home. I highly recommend it for yourself and/or your friends and family – a gift that will keep giving, indefinitely!


I’m a long time fan of Charity Water. An organization created by Scott Harrison that is all about bringing fresh, clean water to communities around the globe. They use 100% of funds donated, to fund water wells in the most needing villages and towns. One of my mentors, Marie Forleo, just celebrated her 4th anniversary of Marie TV (her online show – a must watch) and in celebration, began a charity water campaign that is blowing past it’s goal (and then some). Join me in contributing to Marie’s Charity Water campaign and give the gift of water to thousands of people this holiday season!

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