Most of us start businesses because we’re passionate about something. We have something we love to do or care about so much, that we’re willing to take the big leap and turn it into a business.

And then something happens. All of a sudden you start trying to ‘business’ so hard that you completely check your passion at the door because it doesn’t seem professional to you.

You write about your skills and services almost academically, to blend into the professional arena you’ve just entered. Your entire focus becomes convincing other people that you’re professional enough; that your fledgling business is worth hiring.

The problem here, is that people are attracted to passion. They want to work with someone who is passionate about their work. When you cut off your passion until it’s barely visible, you cut off one of your most important assets in your business – you! You miss out sharing the joy of why you started your business in the first place.

Being passionate vs. professional in business can feel like a fine line. Of course it’s important to articulate what makes you qualified to be running your new business – what trainings, expertise and talent you bring to the table, and why someone should hire you. However, if you check your passion at the door and over focus on the nuts and bolts of your talent and training, you’ll miss out on a huge opportunity to express your unique self, which then lets you connect with your potential clients in a really powerful way.

When we dim our passion, we dim the very light that we need to be shining in the world.

Yes people care what you can do for them. Yes they need you to be able to solve a quantifiable problem for them. And yes, people pay for results.

But they also pay for your passion. They care why you care. When researching who they are going to hire to solve a problem, be it a life coach, copywriter, graphic designer, or dentist, customers want to work with someone who not only cares about them but also the very nature of the problems they’re solving.

Passion also acts as an infectious pixie dust around your business. If you’re super excited about the benefits of what you’re selling, other people will be too. Enthusiasm and passion are contagious and people want to connect and support business owners who are excited about their work.

In a world where cynicism and overwhelm seem to be the norm these days, you can stand out from the crowd by letting your passion shine through. Go re-read some of the pages on your website today. Does your passion shine through? Or does it feel diluted because of your desire to be perceived as professional?

Take note and re-write your copy so that it reflects the real you – the one that’s both professional AND believes wholeheartedly in the business she’s created. Go ahead, let your passion out (just be mindful of the exclamation marks)!!!  😉



Photo by Ariana Escobar


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