We forget the meaning of PLAY as days pass.

What seemed second-nature,
becomes a relearning task.

FUN, unlabeled,
without realizing,
a newsletter received in our inbox,
written by a leading researcher,
about the importance of PLAY.

What is, PLAY?
It is not a formula nor something discovered through steps,
but experienced when all limitations are released from ourselves.
When we release our inner thoughts,
our excitement,
our wonderment,
our enchantment,
the mundane,
the everyday,
we discover life as if for the very first time.

PLAY is an important component to happiness,
not a rule deployed,
but of becoming free.

We are trained,
to be proper,
aligned to set rules,
but we thirst for PLAY,
aligned with the whispers of the soul.

The laws created before imprints from the outside world,
were rules of laughing,
of dancing for joy,
of kissing to celebrate love.
All these promises were created before our inception,
an agreement with the Universe,
to shower the world with our true essence,
for when we PLAY,
this sacred promise is activated,
to be our true selves,
and share with others our true nature.

wild at heart


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