I knew the first time I met Ellen, that she was someone special!

In a group of bold entrepreneurial women, I was struck by her honesty, candor, her infectious smile and complete and utter zest for life. She felt like someone I wanted to know more about. And so we had our first friend-date over soul food in Oakland, California.

It’s been many moons since we first met, and Ellen has become not only a friend, but a trusted confidant and source of support. I hired her as my business coach and she was hugely instrumental in all of the big changes that have been taking place over the last 9 months or so.

I’m immensely grateful to her for not only being such a force for good in the world and in my own life, but for joining me here to lend her wisdom and insight on The Girl Who Knows.

So today, I want to introduce you to my friend – the wise and talented Ellen Ercolini. Enjoy our fun Q+A below!



Ellen!! So excited to “get to know” you here. Tell our readers a bit about you. What do you do + create + love? 

Hi!!! I’m so excited too. So, for starters, I live in Oakland California with my dog Huxley. I spend my days helping people make their big dreams a reality. How I do that is through my business strategy + energy clearing work. I adore helping people make their business GO, so they finally stop struggling and start soaring.

It is thrilling to me to see a client stop doing something they hate because someone told them they “should“. So I help people build custom businesses designed around them – their quirks, their desires, their dreams. I’m that person you can’t tell your dream or vision to without me coming up with three ways you could make it a reality. So now, I do that professionally!

And you do that quite well I might add! Why did you initially decide to become a coach and then start your own business of helping business owners?
I started my business because I literally could not stop talking about how to make people’s big dreams and business goals a reality. I went to Coaching School to firm up my skills and see if this was a path I wanted to pursue and it’s been such a clear fit for me. I’ve never looked back.

What do you feel is most important about the work you do in the world?
I look around me and see the potential – of people, their businesses, and their dreams. I love getting to help them unlock that and find more ease with their business growth.

There is so much terrible advice out there. So much “5 surefire steps to a 6 figure success!” and that’s not what people need to actually be successful. They need a personalized, highly custom business, not a cookie cutter template. I hate seeing people struggle against themselves, and I love helping them find an easier (and more uniquely them) path to success.


Even though you absolutely adore what you do, I know there are tough days. How do you stay motivated and inspired thru the good and not-so-good times?
I really want to impact a lot of people. I feel very internally driven to be a voice of reason, insight and possibility in this crazy business building world. I find deep inspiration from nature, being outside and just, soaking it in. My dog Huxley is also a great inspiration, and a reminder to stay present and enjoy the delights of life RIGHT NOW.




Omg Huxley! Who wouldn’t be inspired by that cute little face. I digress. 😉
I want to shift topics to something we’re kind of obsessed with around here – The Senses. I’d love to know what your favorite (or 
predominant) sense is. And how you use your senses to help you live a more rich + fulfilling life?
Definitely my vision. Seeing things inspires me. But it’s followed closely by smell. When I’m stuck or feeling unfocused, looking out the window into the garden helps me relax and loosen to find the core of what I need to do next. Going for walks and looking at the beautiful views, and smelling the scents of the season. I also love having inspirational prints and phrases around me to look at and draw inspiration and motivation from.


I’m with you on sight + smell (especially at this time of year)! Why do you think your senses are so important?
It helps me connect to something bigger than myself. It puts my life and my struggles in perspective. They help me expand into possibility, seeing how nature can continue to evolve, grow and thrive in all sorts of crazy conditions is deeply inspiring, it’s like “What can’t I do?

On a more practical note – what are some of your favorite ways to indulge the senses?
Beyond beautiful outdoor adventures or a long drive, a bath. I am rediscovering the lost art of baths, bath salts, oils, candles – the works. It’s incredibly relaxing and soothing.

And what specific things light your senses up?
Tropical snorkling! In Hawaii, Panama, Costa Rica . . . Australia one day. Being underwater and seeing all the amazing undersea creatures is a sensory delight. My dog Huxley – snuggling or playing with him a great way to relax and unwind and get my fill of puppy kisses. I’m also really digging essential oils these days. I’ve never really connected with them before but right now they are rocking my world. They’re so fun to use to nourish my body and senses. Yes Please by Amy Poehler. She is a national treasure and her book is so honest and at the same time, motivational. I loved every page. Also most of TV shows on CW. They are so fun and addictive.



I knew I liked you for a reason (I’m a total CW girl myself – GUILTY pleasure for sure)! Now, shifting again, let’s talk birthdays (’cause I’m all about ’em). What’s your ideal way to celebrate your birthday?
My birthday is smack in the middle of (North American) Summer, so I love to spend it relaxing. Either on the river with my friends, or at a spa. I love to luxuriate and treat myself. I am also real big on taking the festival approach to celebrating it – making it last way longer than a day! I also delight in presents in the mail, those are also on my list of favorite things.

What are you working on right now that feels amazing (like a celebration)?
I am bringing more energy work + Chinese Astrology into my business, which is really exciting to me. I’ve been studying both for years now, and it’s time to share it with the world. Stay tuned for some new really exciting freebies and enhanced ways to craft a custom business based around YOU!

One final question: what do you know, for sure?
It is our hearts and minds that determine how far we go in this life. It’s all an inside job, to imagine, dream and then take action on those desires. There’s only one you, and if you don’t stand up for your dreams and the endless possibilities, no one else will.



I couldn’t be more grateful to know you Ellen. Thank you for bringing your biz smarts and HUGE heart to The Girl Who Knows. You radiate joy and are a living example of what’s possible if we align our mind with our heart. I’m so proud to have you be part of my business brain trust and to call you friend.

Please check out Ellen’s Contributor page. Reach out to her on social media and check out her site to find out how to work with her (get ready – she’s genius)!

Thanks for reading and geting to know Ellen today. Stay tuned for more amazing posts from Ellen, myself and all of our fabulous guest editors. Happy Thursday!


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