We’re always evolving, always looking towards the next horizon imagining what we’d like our lives to be like. Then, a year or two passes and suddenly what was once a dream is now reality!

Except sometimes you can’t find the path to get there. You want to get there but somehow there – the fulfilling relationship, the abundant finances, the sense of confidence, the job opportunity – stays just out of reach.

Is life taunting you? Punishing you for bad karma? Trying to make an example out of you? Definitely not.

The thing about life is . . . it’s a game of resonance.

We attract what we match. Things, people, dynamics, etc. that stay in our field do so because, at least on some level, they match what we vibrationally put out to life. Things that don’t match our vibration do not remain in our field.

So when you think about the things you want to call into your life, ask yourself:

Am I a vibrational match for this being in my life?

You may have a scroll of qualities you want in your next partner or job. Do you consistently embody those qualities yourself? Do you generate the corresponding energies that match these things not only entering, but staying, in your life?

If so, you’re likely noticing signs of these things making their way to you now. If not, this is your opportunity to make adjustments and raise your vibe. To steer the ship of manifestation in your life from behind the scenes.

How? Like this . . .

  • Begin with every day things. Thing like taking your self-care routine to the next level. Exercising regularly. Eating healthfully. Drinking lots of water. Sticking with a yoga and meditation practice. Spending time outside. Going to bed earlier. Having a daily gratitude practice. Decreasing your time online.
  • Address the broader scope of your life. Plug leaks, clean up drama, and resolve interpersonal challenges. This could look like making a budget, getting out of debt, forgiving a long standing grievance, or engaging in a part of your life that you usually avoid because it brings up uncomfortable feelings.
  • Raise the vibe of your inner world. Become aware of and shift limiting false beliefs. Practice cultivating self-love. Make it a habit to focus on solution instead of problem. Help parts of you that are stuck at younger developmental stages to grow up.

I think a huge part of the purpose of our desires is to motivate us to reach towards them, not just with our arms, but with our whole being to become a match for them.

So reach, with your self-care, with how you live your life, with your heart, with your awareness, with the kind of energy you generate . . . and call what you want into your life through being a match.

When you imagine what you most want to call into your life, what qualities, energy, and characteristics does it have? In what ways can you make shifts to be a greater match for this coming into your life?


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