It seems like the topic of date night has come up a lot lately. Whether it’s new couples looking for ways to impress each other with the perfect romantic evening, or people like myself- who have been with their partner for years, looking for ways to get out of the usual ruts.

In my opinion, summertime is the best time for dates. The warm temps offer so many opportunities to get outside and shake things up. I have yet to meet anyone who isn’t up for savoring as much summer as they can get!

So grab your sweetie, and make a date for this weekend (or every weekend for the rest of the summer). And to spice things up, use your senses to guide your date night ideas. Here are a few to get you started . . .



1) Take a Mixology Course

Craft cocktails are taking over everywhere. How much fun would it be to spend the afternoon sipping drinks PLUS learning the skills to mix your own at home?


{Photo by Miquel on Flickr}
{Photo by Miquel on Flickr}

2) Meet at a food truck for dinner

I’m all about the impromptu weekday date night. Food trucks make this REAL easy – and fun!


3) Have a breakfast date before work

Speaking of weekday dates . . . have you ever had a morning breakfast date before work. It’s the best. It sets the stage for a perfect day.



{Photo by Thread Report on Flickr}
{Photo by Thread Report on Flickr}

4) Watch a sunset together

You know what my sweetie and I always do on vacation? Watch sunsets together. You know what we almost never do IRL? Watch sunsets together. Why not bring a little vacation home and meet someplace for a sunset. Plus, it costs zero dollars.


5) Play tourist in your own city

There are so many things most of us never do in our own cities because we actually live there and always think that “some day” we’ll get around to checking that “thing” out (guilty here). Make that day today, and make it a date!


{Photo by Dominic Bugatto on Flickr}
{Photo by Dominic Bugatto on Flickr}

6) Go to an outdoor movie showing together

Forget the cineplex! Movies in the park, cemetery, drive in, etc., are exponentially more romantic in the summertime.



7) Hit up an old record store and flip through some vinyl together

It’s remarkable how much you learn about your partner when taking a walk down memory music lane.


8) Go berry picking

Sunshine, fields, berries. I’ve actually never gone, and now that I think about it, that seems like a crime.


{Photo by Thomas Hawk on Flickr}
{Photo by Thomas Hawk on Flickr}

9) Shop the farmers market together

So much to take in and savor at the farmers market. Take it up a notch by shopping for things you’re going to take home and turn into a dinner date at home.




10) Rent a scooter or a convertible for a day

Another thing a lot of us do on vacation but never in real life. Spending the day zipping around with the breeze in your hair will light you up from the inside out! Plus, you could combine it with #5 and #9 above for a pretty epic day.

Let me know, would you try any of these dates out for yourself? Or, what are some of your favorite unconventional ways to savor summer with your sweetie? Drop me a line in the comments.



Main Photo by Susanne Nilsson


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