I hear a lot of people talk about how they wish they could get massages more often. And often blame cost, convenience and just plain laziness as reasons why they don’t get them on a regular basis. Once again, thanks to the modern day convenience of the internet, at least 2 out of 3 of those reasons are no longer valid.

Why am I talking about the importance of massage? Because it isn’t a luxury. It isn’t something reserved for only those once in a blue moon spa vacations that you take with your girlfriends. Or the “I’m gonna treat myself” days like Valentine’s Day or your birthday. While I’m all about the occasional indulgences, massage isn’t something I consider an indulgence. And here’s why…

Massage isn’t just for relaxation and pampering yourself. It’s a full-on healing modality. This means that the benefits of massage (especially regularly) are numerous including…

  • Pain relief
  • Stress relief
  • Managing depression and anxiety
  • Improving your sleep
  • For women: helps with PMS and menstrual disorders
  • Migraine and headache relief
  • Immunity boosting
  • Boost brainpower
  • Helps with chronic and/or acute fatigue
  • Assists with balancing a variety of emotional issues
  • Helps with ADHD

When you realize that something as simple as a 60-minute massage once and twice a month (or more if you’re able), can create subtle shifts in your health, happiness, and overall well-being — it’s kind of a no brainer. This is especially important for busy entrepreneurs and business owners who often put self-care to the back burner in favor of working longer hours and getting things done.

Early on I was exposed to massage, probably around the age of 14. And while I didn’t understand the benefits back then, I knew it made me feel more calm and rested while simultaneously helping me feel more alert and focused. While I haven’t always had massage consistently over my lifetime, I’ve been fortunate enough to experience a lot of it. And now, with the convenience of a company like Zeel, it’s easier than ever to make this healing practice part of my monthly self-care practice.

Zeel was founded in 2011 by a technology entrepreneur and his wife, an Emmy-nominated news correspondent. Having gone thru several iterations of their company, they are now 100% focused on providing on-demand massage appointments performed by qualified/certified practitioners. The goal? To make massage accessible to everyone. Think of them as the Uber of the massage world.

One big reason I’m a big fan of Zeel, other than the convenience, ease of booking and ability to get a massage in the comfort of my own home — is that they compensate their therapists very well. Having worked in the spa world for a few years, it’s refreshing to see a company that’s focused on taking care of their practitioners. Happy therapists = happy customers!

My guy and I booked side-by-side Zeel massage’s using their handy app. And voila! 48 hours later we had two super professional and very sweet massage practitioners at our door. Even our adorable kitty tried to get in on the action a few times (note to self: maybe put kitty in the bedroom for the next one). 😉

If you’re a devotee of massage like I am, their annual membership is a super great option that I might just have to sign myself up for one of these days (12 60 minute massage’s at a nice discount, plus a free massage table to keep at home).

If you’re in the market for some self-care that not only helps you relax but offers some serious healing benefits — give Zeel a try! They are generously offering TGWK readers a $25 discount on your 1st massage (use the code: TGWK25 at checkout).

I heart Zeel. They offer a great service that helps you take the guesswork out of self-care. If there’s one thing in your life that could benefit from a little automation, I’m pretty sure self-care is it.

To a healthier you!



Photo courtesy of Eismane


This post is in collaboration with Zeel. I received product in exchange for creating this original content for you. Thank you for supporting the brands that keep The Girl Who Knows going!

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