Remember that moment in Eat, Pray, Love when Elizabeth Gilbert breaks down on her bathroom floor asking for a sign of where to go and what to do next in life? Yeah. Most of us have been there at one time or another. But what if you didn’t have to wait till life gets you down to ask for a little help? What if there was another way?

The intention for my entire coaching practice is to help people understand and get in touch with the true nature of their soul: their spirit, their Higher Self, the part that exists void of our concept of time and physical space.

We often forget to check in with this part of ourselves because we can’t necessarily “see” it. When we create the time and space to connect to our spirit, we also discover that there are others in the spirit world who are looking out for our highest and best good.

I can’t tell you how many times during my Reiki sessions people begin crying tears of peace, love, or joy when I call in their ancestors, angels, or spirit guides because they recognize or feel the presence of a soulmate next to them.

This isn’t a scary moment (like seeing a ghost can be), it’s more like visiting with a loved one or a trusted friend. The key is your intention as you open yourself up to connecting to your spirit guides. By that I mean, stating your intention in your meditation to connect with only those beings who can help and assist you in what you are wanting to bring into your life.

I’ll share a step-by-step guide to get in touch with your spirit guides, but first, let’s get clear on who some of these spirit guides can be…

Angels & Archangels
The word angel means, “messenger of God.” In my experience, angels are beings of pure light who deliver messages from God (or the Universe, Source, whatever word you use to describe the Divine) that can help us on our path and in all areas of our life. There are Archangels who we can call upon to help us with things like attracting prosperity (Archangel Ariel), protection (Archangel Michael), or physical healing (Archangel Raphael). For more information about angels & archangels, check out Doreen Virtue’s work.

Ancestors are our family that came before us. There is wisdom to be learned from connecting with our recent and distant ancestors who have passed, for often times, we are incarnated in specific traditions to learn certain lessons that are the collective experience of our tribe. You can ask for this wisdom to help you navigate different situations in your life by asking, “What would my ancestors do? How would my ancestors respond?

Ascended Masters
The ascended masters are spiritually enlightened souls who have completed all of their karma on Earth and no longer need to take the physical form of having a body. So while we may name the ascended masters according to the most recent physical form they have taken on Earth, we are actually referring to them in their Higher Self state, or their infinite nature. The ascended masters remain attentive to the needs of humanity and act to assist in the spiritual growth of the individual who calls upon them. Some examples of ascended masters are Jesus, Gautama Buddha, and Krishna.

I have met with different guides at different points in my life. Depending on what I was going through at the time, a certain guide would come forward and share their wisdom or support with me.

For example, in my mid-twenties, I started noticing a pattern of men in my life cheating on me in every relationship I was in. As I’m sure you can imagine, this was extremely painful and caused deep trust and self-esteem issues for me. Also, at this time, I was becoming reacquainted with the spirit part of myself and was in a guided meditation led by one of my teachers. She was guiding us to meet our spirit guides and I felt the presence of a strong African male with a lion laying next to him over my right shoulder. I remember his saying to me, “It doesn’t always have to be this way.” This message was SO important to me at this time because it instilled a contrast to a belief I had started to create, that men were wired to cheat and that I wasn’t worthy of a loyal partner…that something was wrong with me.

This simple message had a profound impact in that I now knew that I could experience a loving, trusting, supportive relationship. The relationships I have had since that moment of meeting with one of my guides have been just that.

If you are wondering how you can connect with your spirit guides to help you through difficult times or support in new endeavors, here is a simple meditation you can do:

Note: If nothing comes through the first time, this is ok. Stick with this practice, and as you become more familiar with the process, the easier it will become to access this realm.

When we make the time to connect to our Higher Selves daily with the intention to meet with our guides, we become conscious and aware of all the support we have in the spirit world.

This inner knowing can instill a sense of trust that we are on our paths, even if “bad” things happen. Those difficult or challenging experiences can act as a lesson, guiding us toward more of what we do want to bring into our lives.

When we place our trust in ourselves and our guides, a sense of “everything is as it should be” fills the air, and in that moment we can experience deep peace no matter where we are on our life journey.

Have you experienced contact with one of your spirit guides? How did it shift your perspective? What insights did you gain? I’d love to hear!


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