Marie Forleo changed my life.

Rather, I should say, Marie’s presence in my life, was a total game-changer.
I know that’s quite a statement to make, but it’s true.

Back in 2009, I was in a pretty dark place.
Uncertain of where I was headed, no inkling of what I wanted anymore and in a partnership that was long over. I was a mess.

I stumbled across Marie via another of my biz + life heroes, Danielle LaPorte.
I’ll never forget the first video I saw of Marie. She was promoting her event in NYC called Rich Happy & Hot Live.
I was instantly drawn to her on-camera charisma and goofy personality, combined with rock solid biz smarts.
The woman had it goin’ on and I immediately knew, I HAD to meet her.

Fast forward almost four years later and my life has drastically shifted. From a place of discontent, feeling unfulfilled and like I wasn’t living out my dreams – to a greater sense of purpose, presence and meaning in not only my work but my life.

Everything changed, the moment I decided to sign-up and attend RHH Live.
Since I don’t want to bore you to death with my endless stories about how my life has shifted from meeting Marie, I decided to give you a little bit of the highlight reel.
This month I’ve compiled a few of the most poignant lessons I’ve learned from Mama Marie.

:: WHAT I’VE LEARNED from Marie Forleo ::

No. 01 :: Clarity comes from action, not thought.
Sitting around and thinking of what we want to do (or be, or see, or create), doesn’t actually manifest results. Instead, we must take deliberate action. This might mean instead of thinking of that person you want to reach out to, actually calling them. It could also look like, sitting down and meditating, instead of merely thinking about doing it day after day. Even if we’re not clear about what end result we’re hoping for, just taking action (any action) will create a forward momentum. This momentum combined with the trial and error of conscious action, means you’re participating in life. You’re actively creating the life you want to live. You’re daring to dream. This is the place where magical stuff happens. Count on it!

No. 02 :: Go pro, or go home.
This is one of my favorite lessons from Marie (via author Steven Pressfield), and it’s one of the biggest lessons we all need to learn at one point or another. The bottom line is this, in every moment of your life, you’re either operating like an amateur or a professional. An amateur does things half-assed, is late for meetings, doesn’t give 100% of themselves and let’s their negative attitude and self-limiting beliefs {i.e.: “I can’t do it. It’s too hard. I don’t have the money”, etc.} run the show. In contrast, a professional gets up every morning, practices extreme self-care, is on time, doesn’t let their mind-chatter run the show and is in it, to win it. Any of this sound familiar? Marie’s take on going pro is that it’s entirely within your reach, at all times. You just have to choose it and embody it. I know which camp I’d rather be in, do you?

No. 03 :: Hire it out, yo!
Attending RHH Live in NYC was definitely one of the best decisions of my life. While I was there I got to hear Marie talk about a concept she calls “Hiring it Out”. Here’s the thing, there’s no possible way we can do it all. Yes, we’ve been told (especially us ladies) that we can do anything we put our minds to. It’s true we can DO anything – but we can’t BE EVERYTHING.
In order to be truly great at our work, in our relationships and all other parts of our life, we have to get help. We must learn to delegate. Think about all the things you loathe doing every single day (cleaning the house? picking up groceries? bookkeeping?). Out of this list, what can you hire someone else to do for you? When you do the cost/benefit analysis and figure how much time and money your’e wasting on things you can’t stand doing – spending the few extra dollars to simplify your routine, makes all the sense in the world. And it frees you up for the stuff you really love. Score!

No. 04 :: Intuition rules.
We all have that little place inside ourselves that knows. That signals us when things are feeling good. That keeps us out of harms way. And that lets us know we’re scared, but making the right choice. That place is our intuition. It’s always there to guide us, if we listen. And that’s the key, all we have to do is listen. When we tune in and listen, we can never be led astray from our true, authentic selves. Though this is a concept that is often easy in theory and complicated in practice, the best bit of wisdom I’ve learned over the years is to take baby steps. And to trust, that whatever truth is coming up for you, whatever your intuition is trying to tell you, is there for a reason. Listen.

No. 05 :: Marketing isn’t sleazy, it’s love.
I used to hate the idea of sales and marketing. It sounded like something you do if you want to be in Corporate America, or maybe a car salesman. Neither of which ever appealed to me. But Marie turned that whole notion on its’ head, in no time. She makes learning marketing strategies and concepts, FUN and relevant to today. Even more than her approach to marketing, I love her philosophy. Marketing is all about love. Say what? That’s what I thought too. But check this out – Marketing = love. And love = connection, honesty, loyalty, compassion and understanding. When you love your clients, customers or fans, marketing is the way you express your love for them and inspire them to take action. It’s been said that great marketing inspires us to change and grow – it leads us in the direction of who we want to be. Powerful stuff, no?

No. 06 :: Be present.
Being present is like waking up. It’s using your senses to take in the world around you. And bringing your full attention to whatever you’re doing or whomever you’re with, in every single moment. Think about it, how many times have you tried to multi-task, i.e. listen to Spotify, while writing a blog post, while “talking” to your partner about their day (said as I sheepishly raise my hand up high)? The idea that we can multi-task is a myth. And a potentially dangerous one, that keeps us from being fully present in the moment. Being present allows you to bring your best self to the table (and helps you avoid crashing your car while texting and driving). Without presence, you’re half-assing your way through life and likely missing out on some amazing moments and opportunities.

No. 07 :: Spirituality begins with gratitude.
I’ve used a great app (called Gratitude Journal), off and on for the last few years. It allows you to make a list of what you’re grateful for each day. I’ve noticed that when I use the app and make a record of all that’s amazing in my life, my day starts and/or ends on a perfectly satisfying note. I feel grounded, at peace and quite happy with my life, even despite the inevitable painful circumstances. Gratitude is a practice. The effects of the practice show right away, and deepen continually over time. As Marie said, living a spiritual life begins with gratitude. Start there.

No. 08 :: Celebrate your uniqueness!
At the end of every single Marie TV episode, Marie says “…the world needs that special gift that only you have…”. Can I get an A-men? This lesson took me years and years to learn, but is something that I try to pass along through my own work. We are all creative. We all have special, unique gifts that we’re here to offer the world. And if you hoard your gifts and don’t share them with everyone, we will all be missing out on something major. You really are THAT important and that valuable. So hop to it. Get to creating, to visioning, to magic-making – we’ll be here, waiting!

No. 09 :: Everything is “figureoutable”.
When I first heard Marie say this (at her live event in NYC), I instantly thought, “damn straight! This has been a mantra of mine for a long time. When I was working in Hollywood, I was trained by the best-of-the-best, in one of the hardest and most demanding jobs in the industry. ‘No’ was never an acceptable answer and ‘I don’t know’ didn’t exist. I had to strike those phrases from my vocabulary. And I’ve been all the better because of it. When in doubt, Google it. Ask a mentor or someone you trust. There is always, always, always a way to figure out how to solve a problem or resolve an issue. Always.

No. 10 :: Love what you do.
This isn’t just about loving your job. It’s about bringing passion, enthusiasm and engagement to EVERYTHING you do! Yes, everything. Whether you’re cooking dinner or folding laundry or changing your kiddo’s diaper – do it with love. Having a strong sense of pride and love for the mundane things in life, trickles down to your work, to your relationships and the rest of your life. Bring love into everything you do. And watch as things begin to shift, doors begin to open and life seems a little sweeter.


So those are just a few of the powerful life lessons I’ve learned from the beautifully talented and graciously giving Marie Forleo. I’d love to hear what lessons you’ve learned from Marie. Let me know in the comments below!

And if this is your first time hearing of Marie and her work, head over to her website, where you can glean TONS of free wisdom about having a business and life you love.
Marie, you’re a total rockstar and I’m so honored to be in your world!




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  1. I think the greatest thing I’ve learned from her is your point about marketing. As a rather shy, creative type I have the hardest thing talking about my artwork. It’s difficult to not feel sensitive about the fruits of your labor and any criticism of them can hit you hard.

    I also am right there with you that you can be amateur or you can be a pro and a lot of it has to do with your attitude and approach to things. Just because you act professionally doesn’t mean you have all the answers on hand. What it does me is that you’re willing to do the work to go get them (or find someone else who has them).

    Just being able to partake of her energy, to be able to witness her growth and be inspired to partake in my own has been a tremendous boon to me. I’ve been following her for about a year now (maybe longer) and the growth my business has undergone has been amazing. I can’t believe the complete changes if it weren’t for my being present during all of them. I love her energy, authenticity, and just the vibe in general she puts off – a true inspiring light in the world!

    1. I love hearing how Marie has upped your game as an artist and creative force in the world. So inspiring! Thank you so much for sharing your gratitude for Marie here! xo

  2. Thank you for reminding me of some of Maries wisdom! The number 1 on this list is really for me. I tend to stay up in my head, trying to figure everything out before I start. But I know she’s so right. Action does brings clarity!

  3. My biggest inspiration from Marie is the amazing business she built empowering women entrepreneurs around the world making GREAT money AND location free!

    Her energy, freshness and goofy side make her unique and someone I would love to hang out with 🙂

    1. Yes! I love that too Caroline. Being location independent and knowing that there’s no shame in earning the dollars is definitely a big lesson. Thanks for reading + sharing here! 🙂

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  5. It was so, so nice to read all these tips I knew from Marie. It was like refreshing my memory… Going pro is one of those things that I struggle with… Maybe is the first I could start with in order to bring clarity into my life….
    Thank you for your post 🙂

    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed the post Elena! Yes, going pro is such a good one (a great place to start). It’s great that you’re also a fan of Marie. She’s the best! 🙂

  6. Hello Stephanie!
    I was searching for Marie’s quote “the world needs that special gift…” to get the wording correct. I stumbled upon your website and I absolutely love this post. I never comment on things but I had to tell you how much I liked all of your insights. Your website layout looks lovely and I’m looking forward to exploring more! Thanks for sharing some inspiration!

    1. Hi Shannon! I’m so glad you enjoyed this post (Marie’s the best, isn’t she?!) – and SO appreciate you stopping by and leaving me a note here. I hope you enjoy exploring more articles on the site (let me know if you’d like to see anything in particular, we’re always interested in covering new topics/ideas)! Thanks again! xoxo

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