*not the band

I was having an illuminating chat with my favorite “accountability friend” (and soul sis) yesterday when I realized something kinda major.

I had a serious epiphany moment!

Let me back it up first . . . see, I’m not a big fan of routine.
I hate doing the same thing everyday.
That’s why I like working for myself.
And why entrepreneurship is so important to me.
I really don’t enjoy feeling like a slave to a routine.

That’s not to say that I don’t keep appointments.
If I commit, I commit.
I’m on-time 99.5% of the time. And the .5% that I’m not, is usually due to L.A. traffic. 😉

I favor waking up naturally, sans alarm.
I like setting my agenda for the day based on what I feel like doing.
I like going with the flow.
But sadly, I’m a bit too free flowing.
And I end up not getting a whole hell of a lot done during the day, when I operate without an agenda.

I’ve also realized that over the last few years, Fun was severely lacking from my life.
Not the band Fun. But Fun! (exclamation point)

Prior to 2009 my version of Fun! included Karaoke pyramids (see above photo), drag shows and frequent trips to wine country.
Now I find myself asking . . . where’d the Fun! go?

In the last four years, everything’s gotten a lot more serious.
I work super hard. All hours of the day and night.
And yet I still seem to spin my wheels a lot.
I don’t make the big strides I want to make.

I feel simultaneously over + under whelmed.
I procrastinate like a mo-fo.
Cash and creativity are definitely NOT abundant.

And yesterday it hit me.
Like a strong cup of chai latte (you know the kind).

Not having fun is precisely WHY I resist having a consistent daily routine.

The inner child in me who’s quite literally starved for fun right now, is the one objecting to the need for routine.
She’s standing up in protest (like the VFX artists) and saying – NO!
No. Way.
Routine does not equal FUN!
How ’bout we just play instead. Yaaaaaay!

I love this little girl.
So feisty. Free-willed.
Carefree and up for anything.
I hear her.
And I feel her.

She wants me to hold her hand and take her outside.
To get dirty in the sandbox.
To fly high as the sky on the swings.
To bake cakes.
And build forts.

It’s time to heed her call.
It’s time to have some freaking FUN!

What might happen, if we all feed our inner child with some real, honest to God, Fun!?

Who knows.
Maybe she’ll have a blast.
Maybe she’ll be less stressed.
Maybe she’ll agree that routine is just what we need (at least during the work week).

Hmmm, I could be on to something here.

So this week I’m making my list.
The Fun! list.

On one side of the list will be Fun! with friends and by myself – time to indulge in some serious playtime.
Belly laughs obligatory.

The other side of the list will be things that my beau and I will do to create more Fun! together.
I’m aiming for quality time AND a 10.0 on the fun-scale.

Maybe this is something that could help you too, if you’re trying to create more of a routine in your life and your business.
Give it a whirl and let me know how it goes (and I’ll report back too)!

Do you have a love / not-so-love relationship with routine? I find that a lot of creatives have similar feelings. And I’d love to hear what kind of things are on your Fun! list. Leave a comment below!





P.S. You know I had to . . .


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