Don’t you just love pondering and musing on your dreams? I sure do! I’m also a Pinterest addict. Put those two things together and you’ve got the makings of a seriously good vision board session. 

I create vision boards all-the-damn-time, but after a while of creating them all online, I was ready to go one step further and make one the old fashioned way – collaging the day away!

So what is a vision board exactly?
A vision board is a fantastic tool to help you stay inspired and motivated throughout the year and is a visual representation of the better self you aspire to be. It represents your dreams, your goals and your ideal life.

Want to create your own vision board? Here are a few tips to get you going:

  • Prep and organize. Collect magazines, posters, photos, maps, quotes, poems and prints of things that inspire you. Gather scissors, paper, glue, pencils, paint, washi tape, maybe even a big picture frame, sketchbook or a pinboard and other assorted accoutrements. Anything that’s crafty and fun!
  • Gather information and get inspired! Look around the web. Google “Vision Boards“, have a look on my Pinterest, visit Youtube and/or Instagram, if you need more inspiration.
  • Set the mood. Put on your favorite playlist, light a candle and settle in. Become centered and tune into your thoughts. Dream away. Visualize the life you desire!
  • Get crafty. Find a surface or canvas that works best for you. This can be anything from notebooks to a pinboard to an old frame or even just a normal piece of paper. Start collaging, be creative and go with the flow. Make sure it represents YOU! Don’t forget to include a picture of yourself on your board (ideally one taken when you were at your best).
  • Remember, it’s a work in progress. The great thing about a vision board is that you can change it around whenever you like. If the desire strikes, pin that shit! It’s always fun to archive your older vision boards so you can refer back to them and see which goals you’ve met, and which dreams have come true.
  • Hang it proudly. Find a prominent place in your home (the bedroom, your workspace, the bathroom) and hang your vision board, so that you can see it every single day. Keeping it in your field of vision might just help your dreams come true sooner than you can imagine.
  • Multiply. Craving more? Why not use your vision board as your phone/tablet/computer wallpaper or pop it on a post-it note in your notebook or agenda? Hang it in your office. Keep it close!
  • Believe & Achieve. Believe in your dreams. Believe they will all come true with all your heart. Because if you don’t believe in the possibility of achieving your goals, who will?
  • Keep going! Can’t get enough? Don’t be afraid to create more than one vision board depending on your goals and interests. Maybe you want to focus on your health and set up different goals and go more in depth around wellness. Create a vision board just for that part of your life. The skies the limit!

And if you want to take it a step further – why not host a vision board party!


Personally, I love to host little parties at home and spoil my guests rotten. Which gave me the idea, why not create a vision board together, with some beautiful people (just like you), while sipping a cup of tea and make it extra cozy and fun.


And so I did just that. I hosted a vision board party in my home, especially for you sweet TGWK readers! I hope it inspires you to organize one yourself in the near future. If you do, be sure to leave a comment here and let me know!









I hope you’re feeling inspired to make your own vision board!  Or maybe host a vision board party like a total pro.

What are the life areas you want to vision on? Share any photos or links with us below or on social media. We’d love to hear what you have to say and see what you’re creating!

Here’s a little parting quote I want to leave you with . . .

Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.
~Jonathan Swift


Here’s to vision!


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  1. It was fantastic! I look forward to the next creative session!…
    And of course, i hope my dreams come true.

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