Ok, so you finally feel like you’ve got a handle on your own diet, you’re sipping smoothies and dehydrating kale with the best of them, but there’s one important person in your life who just doesn’t “get” bliss balls. What to do when your partner is keener on fast food than good nutrition? Ask Eatable for help, of course!

Getting your partner on board with healthy eating is an important part of ensuring you do right by your body. It’s often tempting to let their tastes and habits dominate your own, especially when it comes to food.

One key thing to remember with changing the way you and your partner eat, is to NOT ‘go big or go home.’ Huge leaps, grand gestures and broad sweeping statements are not going to win your resistant partner over. Here you want to take small, almost unnoticeable steps towards healthier eating.

Replace ingredients, not whole meals

Sustainable change won’t happen overnight, especially when it comes to introducing new foods to your partner. Try replacing ingredients in your meals, rather than jumping straight in with a dramatic overhaul of meal time. Switch out starchy potatoes for nutrient-dense sweet potato, parsnip and carrots – use them to make fries, it’s so delicious! Try frying or roasting with organic coconut oil, instead of refined vegetable oils.

Choose wholegrain flours and breads, rather than their bleached and refined cousins. If you follow tips like this you’ll be able to sneak in healthier options and your partner will be (almost) none the wiser.

Don’t drop the “V bomb

Even if you’re loving vegetarian and vegan food, it can be really challenging for your meat-loving partner to imagine giving up meat. Rather than jumping on your soapbox after watching Cowspiracy, try to find a middle ground where both of your choices can be respected.

Lean, organic, grass-fed, sustainably produced meat is a good place to start. Eating healthily doesn’t mean that you have to cut out meat altogether. However, there are a variety of meat-free protein sources such as eggs, beans and legumes. There’s no need to go crazy with your protein intake, as humans only need protein to be a maximum of 10% of our daily calorie intake.

Make plant-based appealing

There’s a ridiculous number of good, healthy, plant-based restaurants popping up all over the World all the time. Swap date night at the movies for a dinner at a new restaurant and show your partner just how good healthy food tastes. Once you’ve gotten them over the hurdle of raw-food-is-more-than-just-salad you can start to explore different cuisines at home too.

They say a way to a man’s (and let’s be honest, woman’s) heart is through their stomach…

We’re assuming that there’s a bunch of health loving chicas out there who are trying to find a delicious way to get their partner to join them at the healthy dinner table. One delectable way to get them on board is with healthy desserts.

Tick the protein and chocolate box with this no bake fudge cake, try spiced truffles or a good old fashioned chocolate cake. Win ‘em over, one (healthy) cake at a time!

It’s your turn — have you struggled getting your partner on board the healthy eating train? Have you tried anything that’s helped (whether mindset shifts, recipes, etc.)? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the conversation area below!


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