Beauty. We often think of it as a shallow or superficial concept. Society has taught us that beauty is a veneer, a gloss, a skin-deep, shallow pursuit devoid of substance that should be relegated to a realm outside of serious pursuits or more important work.
This is what the majority of us have been told about beauty but what if we were take the “deep concept” of beauty into our lives. Beauty, in its deeper sense, is an accelerator and incubator to bring depth, meaning, and wisdom into our lives. It is a force that can not only change the surface but transform our very being.

Frank Wilczek, winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics, in his book A Beautiful Question, suggests that the universe embodies beauty in the form of symmetry, harmony, balance, and proportion. He believes that beauty is actually an ordering principle in the universe and that nature is purposefully designed to be beautiful. How then can we mimic this “deep design” of beauty in nature into our lives in a way that supports, inspires, and transforms us?

Numbness is the byproduct of our modern world. We are so often “dialed-in” but “tuned-out”. With an overwhelming amount of information and to-do lists flying our way, we can become numb to our desires, our purpose, our lives. Beauty has a way of touching something deep within us that can speak to our soul and wake us up to the meaning that lies just beyond the minutia. It could be as small as smelling a bouquet of flowers, listening to a piece of music or as grand as seeing the Taj Mahal. The scale of the beauty doesn’t matter, it is the level of depth that determines the impact and ability to reverse our ingrained numbness.

We spend vast amounts of time, energy, and money focused on building our minds, building our companies, building our networks but what about our senses? The knowledge of the body’s senses is, at best, ignored and, at worst, shunned. However, beauty touches that vital, sensual knowledge of the body that, in turn, revives our intuition. When I started making beauty an important part of my own life by incorporating art, nature, and creativity, I slowly started to feel my senses being restored and my intuition heightened.

The act of nurturing our senses can calm our nerves, give us just the inspiration we need, or gain clarity on a previously unsolvable situation.

The very act of creating our surrounding space to be one of beauty, supports us in bringing depth, meaning, and wisdom into our lives. Our context and surroundings have a profound impact on our decisions and actions.

When we intentionally design the environment around us to embody beauty, we create a space that acts as soil to our dreams, visions, and passions. A million dollars in your checking account isn’t needed in order to start. Seemingly insignificant adjustments have the ability to foster creativity, inspiration, and vision. In my own room, the small act of surrounding my space with flowers has affected how I experience my environment and given me hints of inspiration that, in turn, impacts my decisions.

Contrary to what we have been taught, beauty is transformative. It is profound. It touches a space within us that is often ignored or forgotten. Beauty is a knowledge, a wisdom all on its own. When searching for truth, purpose, meaning take the words of Sheryl Strayed and “put yourself in the way of beauty”, it will not fail you.

Do you ever crave more beauty in your own life? Where do you go to connect with and be inspired by beauty? Share any insights you have in the comments below.


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