I have a confession.

I’m an addict.

I’m addicted to MUSIC.

For my entire life, it has been my release valve.
The escape and the expression.
The “I need to forget about the entirety of life for a moment” or the “I’m so happy that I don’t know what to do with myself.”

Life happens. And we can suppress the rippling emotions until we explode, or find a healthy way to move through whatever it is we are facing. And since I don’t particularly enjoy explosions, I’ve developed several tools for processing emotions. One of which, is music.

A high is defined as an altered state of being. And, music definitely has that capability.

You don’t have to be musically inclined, but it does take a bit of courage and trust to let go. And if you’re able to allow yourself that release, within 3 minutes you can be transformed emotionally and physically. Talk about powerful!

So, as the music “addict” and aficionado that I am, I’ve put together a quick 5-minute exercise you can do to experience an auditory high.

A few things before you begin:

First, summon the musical angels to help you find a space of open-mindedness (which is essential for the experience of letting go).

Second, if you’ve never experienced the epic-ness of a dance break, you may want to start off somewhere private where you won’t feel self-conscious. Your bedroom or living room are good places to start.

Ready? Let’s begin!

  • Choose a song that inspires you. No need to overthink it. The first one that comes to mind is probably right for you in this moment.
  • Play it — LOUD.
  • Take a deep breath and feel your body.
  • Listen to the music and listen to your body.
  • Sense how the sounds influence you and how the music softly tickles you to move. You can close your eyes if that helps.
  • Allow yourself this moment, this song, to explore with pure abandon. Try moving to the music not from your brain based on what is the “right” way to move, but instead from a place of instinctual expression. Movement led by your heart.
  • Keep listening, sensing, and moving — surrender to the moment.
  • When the song finishes, stand still and feel the difference in your body from before you began. What do you sense in your body? How do you feel?

It’s a seemingly simple exercise. But, it can actually difficult to set aside the 5 minutes to embody your emotions.

So… if not now, when?

I challenge you to experiment with music today, with moving your body and with releasing any stuck emotions through feeling the beat. It just might transform your day (and might even get you high). ☺


P.S. Here’s a playlist I put together to get you going, but feel free to put on any tune that inspires or moves you.


Image via Pinterest.

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