A Playlist To Get You Excited About the Day

Music is a huge part of my life. I’ve been making mixes since the late 80’s and haven’t stopped since.
I’ve created playlists for everything. Anniversaries, seasons, breakups, crushes, moves, birthdays, new jobs, yoga classes, workouts . …

The Best Holiday Playlist (ever)!

Music is one of our favorite things about the holiday season. It not only gets us in the spirit, but taps into one of our most readily available senses — our ability to hear the world around us.
This …

The Extraordinary Act of Thank You

Gratitude doesn’t need a season or reason.
Yet when we express our thanks, we become both the giver and receiver. It’s powerful to hear that you’ve made a difference in someone’s life. And when you honor someone …

The Noise of Silence

In the quiet of an early morning or in the depth of night my senses are stilled.
The blackness of the sky reveals only tiny pinpricks of light and my room is shrouded with the invisible. The …

Guest Editor // Kate Ellen

Kate Ellen is one of those girls that you just instantly like. She’s the perfect combination of hip, creative and totally down-to-earth.
She’s the kind of girl that you can talk deep philosophical “what’s the meaning of …

THE Safest Way To Get High

I have a confession.
I’m an addict.
I’m addicted to MUSIC.
For my entire life, it has been my release valve.
The escape and the expression.
The “I need to forget about the entirety of life for a moment” or the “I’m so …