(it’s not just my theme song from 1990)

I bet you’re wondering why on earth I just posted a New Kids on the Block — errr, excuse me, NKOTB, video?
Keep reading and you’ll find out why (aside from the fact that I was a huge fan back in ’90…and I’m not ashamed to admit it)!

I’m a leaps and bounds kinda girl.
As in, I like to leap (sometimes without looking) and make BIG ass strides in my life (and my work).
The itsy-bitsy (teeny-weenie) steps that it takes to get to that big ass stride . . . not my cup of tea.
The “slow & steady wins the race” philosophy has never been my friend.
Can you relate?

Here’s the thing, I’m pretty sure you’re ambitious.
Big dreams. Grand goals. Beautiful visions. You want to change your world (and maybe even the world at large).
I see you. And I feel you.

Whether you’re a right brainer, left brainer, Type “A” or an INFP – you want to rule the world and it’s a wee bit overwhelming to say the least.
You may have been struggling for a long time with moving from vision to action. Getting this big ‘ol vision of yours off the ground.

Not to worry my friend. I’m about to share with you a few things I’ve learned as a business owner + entrepreneur turned solopreneur + consultant + advisor + coach — that will help you move from inaction to action.
And, really, it’s ALL in the steps.
It turns out the New Kids – had it right all along (minus the bad hair + cheesy wind machine action).

Here are 3 tips that I use, that will step you into action in your life and/or your business:

The first step to clarity and action is unloading all the stuff that’s sitting in your brain right now.
Most of us carry a running list in our heads of things we need to do, errands we need to run, goals we want to achieve, etc.
I hate to tell you but the more mental space you take up with your “lists”, the less room you have to create.

Here’s what I want you to do, take a blank sheet of paper (or a blank Word doc) – set a timer for minimum of 30 minutes – and unload.
Write down everything you can possibly think of that you’ve been needing or wanting or hoping to do.
Go crazy here y’all! Doctors appointments, oil changes, planning a trip, getting a date-night on the calendar.
Get it ALL out of your head and down on paper. Don’t edit, censor or take anything off the list.
Right now you’re just unloading.

And don’t stop & check your email halfway through this or go off and watch GIRLS… for real.
I see you.

Now you’re going to divide your “mind dump” list of items into 3 categories.
But before you do that, I want you to go through the list and cross off anything that you don’t really want to do.
That’s right. I’m giving you full permission to NOT make a lunch date with that person who drives you nuts.
I’m saying it’s ok if you don’t ever want to learn to speak Spanish (even though everyone says it’s a “good idea”).
If something on the list isn’t feeling sparkly. Drop it. Like it’s hot. For good.

Now that you’ve gotten rid of the fluff, highlight all of the “action” steps that are already on the list.
An action step should start with a verb (i.e.: follow up with Stephanie, mail my rent check, meet with my accountant).

After noting your action steps, go through the list a 2nd time (w/ a different color highlighter) and highlight all of the bigger ideas and concepts that need to be broken down into smaller steps. These are likely projects or visions that need a bit of brainstorming before you can take action.

Lastly, you’ll go through the list a 3rd time and highlight your “i have a dream” ideas.
These are the goals that you’d like to reach someday, but not right away. Things like going to the 2018 Winter Olympics, having your own TV show, or meeting Bono from U2.

Now you have a working list that you can start taking action from — as well as a bunch of ideas to creatively brainstorm (and create further action steps around) — and also a fun list of future dreams, just because!
You can add to these lists as needed, but remember, only add what makes you feel sparkly. Mkay?

Step THREE :: 3 IS THE MAGIC NUMBER (period)
With this list in front of you, your head might be spinning.
Analysis Paralysis might be setting in.

Listen to NKOTB (or not).

When working with an overwhelming list, it’s important to tackle NO MORE than 3 action items per day.
That’s right, just 3.
It’s not about quantity.
Trust me.
3 things.

For example, today I wrote a blog post (#1), emailed a few peeps I want to feature on my blog (#2) and created a spreadsheet for a new project (#3).
Then I celebrated with ice cream.

I felt good about completing these things. My self-esteem was rockin’. And that propelled me to do 3 more.
It’s like that.
3 things.
Got it?

I hope this gets you into action in your life and in your work. If you need a bit of accountability, in the comments below, tell me how these steps are working for you – and what big vision you have that you want to take action on.

Sending you love!

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