Is there an adjective that can describe the small thrill of a blank page of a beautiful new journal?

Or the delight at the fluidness of your favorite pen as it glides across it for the first time?

Seeing the layers of unmarked paper signifying the new year, I always delight in anticipation of the events those pages will be filled with, the lessons that will be learned, the people I’ll connect with, and the celebrations to be had.  If you are reading this, I’m sure you can relate.

As much as it is convenient living in a digital world, I find that a physical calendar and journal are still my favorite ways to organize my life.  Writing things down on paper feels grounding and makes things real, unlike the schedules made in my computer and stored in the cloud that can easily be deleted with one click.

So for all of those who still like the paper method (or an organized office desk for that matter), I’ve rounded up my most favorite finds from the country that loves it’s stationery, Japan. Incidentally, and not in the least surprising, was finding an article about a stationery sommelier!

I’m guessing if you’ve gotten this far into the article that you too are a stationery sommelier in your own right and may already be familiar with some of my suggestions below.  But I hope there will be at least one that you can add to your collection in 2015.

And as always please share your own favorite stationery products in the comments below!



Midori Traveler’s Notebook

Let’s start with the basics.  The Midori notebook has been making it’s rounds around the internet for a couple years now.  I admit I jumped to purchase it a few years back on a trip to Japan after reading about it on one of Stephanie’s blog posts.  Back then it was hard to find in the states, but now it seems they are readily available — thank goodness!

What I love most about the Midori system is the ability to organize different notebooks to suite your lifestyle needs.  In the slim and weathered leather file, I keep 3 notebooks: one for scheduling, one for journaling, and one for sketching.  It’s fantastic not to have to choose which bulky notebook to take with me when I leave the house.  Combined with the zip closure file that I use to store my pens, it’s the perfect system for me.


Muji Gel Ink Pens

This is my pen of choice.  Though I covet an exquisite expensive pen, there is some inescapable thrill to these $1.50 Muji pens.  0.38mm tip is very very thin, compared to a standard pen, which is what I like about these pens.  Perfect for lightening quick drawing sessions, journaling scribbles, and to cram a tiny reminder in the corner of your agenda.

It makes me feel good that these babies are refillable too.  Though I only use the black pen, they also come in a variety of colors.



Kalis Magnetic Clip Board

A new approach to the old school clip board.  This iteration allows you to skip the hinged and bulky clip for a magnetic closure that leaves your paper unmarred.  The best part though is that it closes up like a regular file folder when you are done using it, concealing and protecting your documents in pretty waxed canvas.




Purse Friendly File Folder

When I found this folder, I literally made an audible gasp.  You see, call me superficial, but I hate having to switch out my purse to the dictates of what I have to carry and not how I’d like to dress.  This file folder allows you to fold the papers without scoring them and effectively taking up half as much space in your purse.

I haven’t been able to find this online yet for delivery in the US, but thought I’d include it in the list to see if anyone had any leads.  It was originally purchased at Tokyu Hands in Tokyo.



Kokuyo Staple Free Stapler

Goodbye bulky and rusty staples.  Not to mention the close calls to precious fingertips trying to load those pesky steel rods into the stapler.  Though this product has been out for several years, it never ceases to amaze me how if weaves my stack of papers together (check it out here).

Available in two sizes: the large one can combine up to 7 pages and the small up to 4.  Perfect for monthly bills, statements, and important documents that need to be printed.




Sunstar Shredder Scissors

At some point, I started to avoid our shredder for the fear of it jamming up and wasting an hour of my afternoon picking out little square paper fragments.  When the last one finally died, I was so happy to get rid of the bulky contraption taking up too much space in our apartment.

The fact of the matter is that most documents are now stored virtually and the ones we do print tend to be the really important stuff we need to keep.  All the rest usually doesn’t need to be shred in it’s entirety and that’s what makes these scissors so magical.  Just cut through areas of documents that are private and recycle the rest.  No scary, finger eating electric blades involved.




Menmo Sticky Notes

Not the most practical, but I love these fun people shaped sticky notes.  They are kind of like an emoji in physical form.  Plus you can draw on the expression that you are feeling without having to scroll through the list of set options.  A couple of these in my agenda feel like a small group of cheerleaders rallying me through my day.




Midori Animal Paper Clips

If you’ve been on Pinterest, I’m sure you’ve seen these little paper clips.  Again, not the most practical, but how can you not smile when you see these in your drawer?  They also make fun gifts as something silly you may never buy for yourself, but would brighten up a friend’s day at the office.



Zebra Mini Ball Point Pen

Never go without a pen again.  While I try to carry my notebook with me most of the time, inevitability there are times when you are out without it but need a pen.  This pretty collapsable and professional looking pen lives in my card holder, where I can whip it out to jot down extra notes or additional info on my business card.



Kokuyo Mirikeshi Eraser

This unusually shaped eraser is equipped for erasing large and small errors.  Originally meant to erase lines in a notebook, this little guys is a versatile tool for school kids and artists alike.


What are some of your favorite stationery supplies, and why?  Please share in the comments below.

Here’s to a happy and organized new year!



Main image via Death to Stock Photo


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  1. You can’t even imagine the amount of time I’ve complained that here, in Italy, no one seems to appreciate stationery as much as I do. Internet is my joy.
    I am completely unashamed to say that I own the complete collection of coloured Muji pens. I simply love the 0.5 ones, I first bought the black ones and then my mom gifted me all the colored ones too because I actually use only them.

    Now I just need to find the perfect notebook because yes, I like the Legami one (which is italian, surprisingly) but the paper is not thick enough, even if the colour is perfect.

    Yes, I take stationery very seriously. 😀