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The Hardest Kind of Lesson to Learn.

Life is filled with lessons.
And we can learn a tremendous amount about ourselves and our world, if we’re receptive to these lessons.

But let’s talk real talk for a minute, ok?
The lessons are freaking hard.
Sometimes like climbing Mt. Everest hard. Where the air is so thin you can barely breathe. When every muscle in your body is urging you to stop. When you’re surrounded by the kind of fear that brings you to your knees.
THAT kind of hard.

I know that life isn’t supposed to be easy. I’ve been told that what feels like a million times. And I get it.
But that doesn’t make it any less painful.

This past weekend was rough.
My mom was taken to the ER for some post-surgery complications.
And our beloved fur baby Bogey was diagnosed with kidney disease.

I had just had one of the most productive, exciting week’s of my life with my business.
Everything was looking on the up and up. FINALLY.
Just like that, shit got real. Again.

I half expected to breakdown in a hot mess of tears.
But after the losses I’ve experienced over the last three years, I’m stronger and more resilient than ever.
In fact, I met these two unfortunate pieces of news this weekend with grace and non-attachment.

Non-attachment has always been such a foreign concept to me.
I’ve heard it preached from the front of the yoga room, by experts and gurus and teachers of all kinds, but it never quite made sense to me.

How do you stay in an uncomfortable feeling while not having attachment to the outcome?
Is that even humanly possible?

Now, after this weekend, I get it.
My experience of being profoundly sad, worried, fearful and anxious — was met with a simple realization that I can’t change anything. Life is moving forward, there is pain, there is sorrow, and there is immense joy.

So what did I do with this realization?
I told my mom how much I love her. Multiple times.
And I grabbed my kitty and kissed him, squeezed him and held him (for much longer than he wanted).

I still felt uncertain about the future and worried for my loved ones, but I met it with love. Lots and lots of love.
Because what else can you really do?

Non-attachment isn’t as elusive or difficult as it sounds.
To me, it all comes down to feeling the discomfort, acknowledging it and then allowing love in.
Where there is love, there is light.
And light helps us brave the dark.

Some questions to muse on this week:
What are you attached or clinging to? In what ways might you be able to release your hold on it (even if just a little)? Where can you let a little more love/light in?


With love,
Steph Signature with heart

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  1. Wow ! Those Soul to Soul articles are becoming my favorite… Thank you ! Sending you and your family positive thoughts 🙂

      1. Yes! Still have to explore everything but I think it’s amazing all the work you’ve done! Congrats! And thanks for being awesome with your readers 🙂

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