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“It ain’t no fun if the homies can’t have none. ”
~Snoop Dogg


Did I just quote Snoop Dogg? Yes I did. Because in this instance, the Dogg knows what’s up. Fun is only fun if you’re having fun. And us adults could use a lot more fun!

In my 20’s I was the life of the party. Ask anyone who attended parties I hosted or events I went to. I was the first one on the dance floor, was goofy as can be and loved doing silly things with friends just ‘cause.

Flash forward to (almost) 39 years old and I’ve definitely become less goofy, less likely to bust a move and generally more reserved and low-key. But that spark of my youthful fire is still there. Alive and well, and just waiting for any moment to come out and play.

As we get older our options for going out and having a blast are more limited. Or at least it can feel that way. It usually involves going to a bar or club, seeing live music or a play, having a nice dinner or hanging out with friends in the backyard. Whatever it is, it usually involves plentiful libations. And as someone who doesn’t really drink alcohol much anymore – this can be admittedly troublesome.

What’s a 30+ girl to do when she wants to have a rabble rousing good time? Add these to your idea bank for when you’re asking yourself this question . . .

10 Ways To Have Fun (as an adult)

  • Costume Karaoke – decide on a theme and dress up before you hit the mic
  • Get Cooking – hire a chef to come to your house and teach you & your friends some skillz
  • Museum Hop – grab some friends and do a museum or art gallery hop (foodie pit stops encouraged)
  • Movie Binge – go to the theater and see not one, but two (or three) movies back-to-back
  • Book It – you’re a book lover, so embrace it and spend the day exploring a new-to-you bookstore in your city
  • Furbaby Playdate – make a playdate with a rescue puppy (or kitty) – it will undoubtedly make your day 100x more fun
  • Dance Dance Revolution – commit to dancing on the hour, every hour for a whole day (no matter where you are – public dancing FTW!)
  • Just Chill – find a local pool and spend the day relaxing, get poolside lunch delivered, just lounge it up for a change
  • Game Time – it’s nothing new, but games, any kind (board games, arcade games, card games) are a great way to loosen up and bring back that childlike spirit
  • Time Capsule – want to remember ‘the way things were’ 10 years from now? Spend a day with friends making time capsules, filling them with ideas, predictions, memories, mementos, favorite things and then bury them in your yard (or closet if you’re a city dweller). It’ll be such a treat to open in 10 years time!

So what’s on your adult fun list? I know you have some ideas or ways to infuse more fun and laughter in your life as a grown-up. Share your tips in the comments below!




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