*Disclaimer :: I don’t camp.

Not that I haven’t. Or wouldn’t. I just don’t.
Mainly because of the bugs.
And the bears.
And I’m not gonna lie, I don’t really like showering in a river.
Or cooking canned beans over a bunsen burner.

BUT. . . camping has come a long way. Take the newly launched Shelter Co. for example.

Founded by Bay Area couple Kelsey and Mike Sheofsky who grew up camping a lot with their families, Shelter Co. gives new meaning to luxury camping (or “glamping“).

Shelter Co. is a pop-up luxury lodging service catering to groups of folks looking for a unique overnight camping experience. They’ll set up a luxury tent for you complete with 400 thread count bedding, down comforters and a REAL bed. You can even add lounge seating, area rugs and mood lighting!

If you’re celebrating with a group Shelter Co. can set up a bar, a library, children’s tents with games. . . even beauty stations. Really, the possibilities are endless.

She’s an event planner.
He’s an artisan furniture maker.

Together their love of the outdoors + design savvy + entrepreneurial spirit have merged to create a business that is truly one-of-a-kind.

I was so impressed with this company, that I asked Co-Founder Kelsey Sheofsky a few questions about business, life and what keeps her inspired. . . hope you enjoy!
**hint :: read on to find a SPECIAL OFFER for TGWK readers, courtesy of Shelter Co.


So…why camping?
Mike and I have always loved to camp. Our first real date was a weekend camping trip to the Santa Barbara coast. There’s something about being outdoors in the wild with those you love that’s different than a regular vacation and creates some really unique memories. I think for a lot of people camping can be a little intimidating if they don’t come from a camping family or don’t own any gear. Our goal is to make camping a comfortable vacation for anyone who desires a weekend in the woods.

What’s on your “must have” list of camping gear?

I’m kind of a freak about my headlamp. I actually travel with it even when I’m not camping and I can’t tell you how many times it’s come in handy. Other camping musts would be whisky (for passing around the fire), an iPod boombox (camping and good music were made for each other), bug spray (duh), and our dog Bird (she loves to camp more than anyone).

You’ve done a lot of travel (and camping) in your day. Any favorite spots you’d like to share?

For camping, I love Jalama Beach on the central coast of California, since you can camp right on the beach. I also love Big Basin in the Santa Cruz Mountains which is where we go for our yearly winter camping trip. We are crazy but go with about 20 friends every January, rain or shine. One year it rained the entire time we were up there, which was pretty insane. It’s now kind of a badge of honor to be part of the winter camping crew that survived the storm of 2010.

For non-camping spots, I love Tulum in Mexico for the beach and total chill factor. I get my best reading done there and luckily my wedding work takes me there often. Chester, Nova Scotia is also on the short list because I grew up going there every summer. It’s just a really special spot for my family and me. It’s a true fishing village with so much history (the founding of the town bar predates the founding of the United States). Palm Springs has always been a favorite because I thrive in warm climates and I love hanging with my grandma who spends 4 months a year there. And my new favorite spot is Barcelona. I went there this past year after working a wedding in Italy and fell in love with everything about it.

What keeps you inspired and motivated?
I travel a ton for both work and pleasure, which recharges my battery. There’s something about a change of scenery that is rejuvenating.

I also read a lot of magazines and enjoy other visual design inspiration. I’m excited to have Domino back and I love Anthology Magazine. My all time favorite is National Geographic.

I find a lot of inspiration getting lost online. From Tumblr to Pinterest to design blogs there’s so much great content to pull ideas from. And then there’s the flea market. I don’t get there as much as I’d like these days but I love a Sunday spent digging for treasures. And let’s be honest, I go to the flea as much for the food as the loot. I always have to get a crepe or a giant hot dog and maybe even some kettle corn. That’s the great thing about living in the Bay Area. Amazing food follows you wherever you go.

Speaking of food, what are your three have foodie spots in your ‘hood (San Francisco)?
Our three favorite restaurants in our immediate vicinity are Flour + Water, El Metate, and Universal Café. My own kitchen is a pretty rocking place to be as well. Mike is an excellent cook and when I’m actually in town, we love to cook and eat out in the back yard. Spring/Summer project is to finally plant some vegetables.

What’s something you KNOW for sure?
That I will kill the vegetable garden.

As a fellow entrepreneur, I have to ask, what’s the most challenging thing you’ve found about starting your own business?

Finding time in the day to get everything accomplished is challenging. For our particular business, there isn’t really a good example to use as our guide since we are the only ones doing this sort of service in California. So we are kind of blazing our own trail and seeing what works and what doesn’t.

And one last (not-so-random) question, what music are you listening to these days?
Anything Mike downloads. He’s the master of the music in our house and he’s got great taste. If left to my own devices I’d have Mariah Carey circa 1995 on repeat. Only sort of kidding.

On my current playlist: Dawes, John Lennon, Rod Stewart, Portugal, the Man, Middle Brother, The Avett Brothers, Chromeo, David Bowie, and Jay-Z.


OK. . . I don’t know about you, but I’m actually EXCITED to give this ‘ol camping thing another shot. With summer approaching, I can’t think of a better way to spend a long weekend with friends + family.

Head over to Shelter Co. now to find out more and to book your next luxe camping adventure!
**And tell them, The Girl Who Knows sent you. . .

As a special gift, Shelter Co. is offering TGWK readers, a fully stocked camping welcome box (includes a head lamp, bug spray, smores fixings, throw blanket, sunscreen, and bottle of whiskey) – for FREE, when you book your 1st Shelter Co. adventure.

I’d love to hear from you in the comments below. . .
Are you into camping? What do you love about it?
Do you have any camping tips for the “non-campers” amongst us (i.e. me)?


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  1. Yes, I’d totally take this over my rickidy old busted tent, the one with the duct tape holding the tent poles together. It’s a nice mix of comfort and wilderness. A bit more rustic than rv camping, but still in sweet style (for those of you who care about that). So, now all I need is someone to huck this thing over their shoulder and hike it up to a secluded (but not too far away) lake…any takers?

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