The crisp air of March brings about the signs of the shift in seasons, but with it comes the expectation of the dreaded spring cleaning. Can you relate?

But, this year I’m going anti-spring cleaning and embracing the spring “mini-refresh” instead.

Let me explain.

For years, I believed that an overhaul, completely throwing out the old and embracing the new was the answer. I spent days cleaning my closet, random drawers throughout the apartment, the pantry, the medicine cabinet, and extending the cleaning to my business by organizing everything to a T. I’m pretty sure that unconsciously I was expecting a more successful, prosperous, and fit version of myself with copious amounts of free time to emerge at the end of cleaning.

What I actually ended up with was a lot of extra work and stress. This then cultivated a feeling that what I had wasn’t good enough so I needed something to make it better.

Throwing myself into these major projects reinforced the belief that change is all or nothing. That a one-time makeover would magically improve my life. What’s worse is that this attitude kept me in a cycle of pursuing that unattainable and elusive thing called perfection.

It is true that your surroundings are a reflection of you so I believe in maintaining a clean and mostly organized home. What I have gotten wrong is that 99% of the time change, in me and subsequently my life, comes from taking daily steps that may seem insignificant or unexpected but accumulate over time. Cleaning a little every day does much more than a major overhaul a couple times a year.

More so than any major event, you are what you do, see, feel, and love every day.

So, in the spirit of a spring refresh, here are some of the items that I plan to update this season. Some are silly, some have been items that we wanted but kept putting off, but all come with my renewed attitude to appreciate the small things.

Specifically kitchen towels that aren’t a miss-match of rags. For some reason seeing a fresh and clean towel makes me feel happy walking into the kitchen every day. Saving paper towels is an extra bonus.

New Insoles and Shoe Repair
Living in the city without a car requires a lot of walking. Shoe maintenance seems like an extra hassle, but a new set of insoles can literally put a pep in my step and keep my feet healthy and comfy.

The Right Container
The coffee grounds we get come in a paper bag so we had been using a ziplock to keep them fresh. It was cumbersome and slightly annoying to deal with in the morning. A perfect glass jar with a wide opening makes my breakfast prep more seamless.

A Makeup Bag
I don’t plan on buying a new bag, but instead, clean out my current one. My makeup bag that lives inside my handbag not only houses lipstick, but also incidentals. By making sure that I replace the extra pack of aspirin, bobby pins, or hair ties that I use on the go, throwing out anything expired or old, I ensure that I will be prepared when I need them again.

These are definitely the biggest purchases on the list (and super important). We are still looking into pillows that are both comfortable and eco-friendly. This is a classic example of how such a small thing can make a huge difference in your daily well being. If you have any recommendations of natural pillows, please let me know!

So, as you can see, there will be no craigslist hunting, painting, furniture buying, or making major makeovers this spring. I’ll be focusing on appreciating the mini efforts; defining my life through daily moments of measurable and incremental steps.

What are some small things you can refresh this spring? Share with me in the comments below.



Photo by: Breather


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