If you study the Law of Attraction you’re already on board with the notion that we’re always pulling in experiences based on our feeling state. If you’re feeling stoked on life you will attract more things that you want. If you’re grumbling that nothing seems to go your way then, well, don’t expect ten new clients and a soulmate to come knocking at your door.

Our perceptions shape our reality, and we have the beautiful power of choice to thank for the ability to transform. If you don’t like what’s going on in your life you get to change it. If you don’t feel good about your life you can make choices that will shift your emotional state to a better one.

It’s tricky, though, to make different choices when we don’t feel good. If you’ve just had a really crappy day it’s challenging (and sometimes downright impossible) to shift to the perspective that your life can be anything you want it to be. Because, of course, you want that magical, joyful, everything-is-amazing life. But when things feel really difficult you can know the truth with your mind, but you need to feel it in your body if you want things to change.

One of the best ways I know to shift my emotional state is to choose to play.

Playing is one of the best ways to raise your vibration, to make you feel good, and to bring in more of the things you really want into your life. It can bridge the gap between the mental and emotional state.

In Shonda Rhymes’ book, A Year of Yes, she writes about a moment that changed her life and likely saved her career: when she decided to play with her kids. She was on her way out the door in a ball gown her stylist demanded she not wrinkle when her toddler asked, “Mommy, wanna play?” Although she was late to the event and normally would have said no, she found herself saying yes.

She spent 15 minutes playing with her kids, feeling joyful, and wrinkling her dress. And her life was changed. That ‘yes’ reignited her desire for play. She committed to always saying yes to playing with her children. And through the energy of playfulness she began experiencing, the creativity she had become disconnected from, began to hum through her once more.

Playing brightens us. It shifts our energy into a higher state. It moves our creativity and reconnects us to the joyful essence within us. Dedicating time to play every day, even for just 5 minutes to start, can change your life. You’ll start to feel that life is fun and that you’re actually in a gigantic playground where you can do whatever it is you desire.

Here are four ideas for you to start playing:

  • Dance! I’m a huge advocate for dancing in your bedroom. I do it almost every day. In my underwear. In my yoga gear. In my hot date outfit before I head out the door. Put on a song that makes you feel good and move your body however it feels like moving. Let your body play to the rhythm of sound.
  • Find an animal, get on your knees, and play. Dogs are my favorite. When my pup was around I would spend time every day playing with him. When dogs are happy and playful the energy is contagious. Same goes for kids. If you don’t have a dog go to a dog park and hijack someone else’s. (Obviously don’t actually steal them, just get your play on while you’re there.)
  • Make art. Color, paint, draw, doodle, zen doodle. Whatever feels fun. Allow yourself to be free in your expression. That’s play. It’s not about following the rules or making something your mind has decided on. Play is about freedom.
  • Get techie. Go on Snapchat and make silly faces and sounds and play with the filters. Send it to your best friend with “Tag, you’re it.” Let the play unfold.

Be sure to tap into the energy feeling of play. If you add any of these things to a to-do list and are just focused on checking it off the list, you aren’t actually playing. Set aside the time and while you’re there, really let go. Feel your vibe rise and watch what happens to your life.

Do you dedicate time for play in your life? If you have something you do that lifts your spirits and opens your energy share it with us in the comments below!



Photo by Christine Chang

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