Viva le August Break!

Well folks, I’m trying something a little new next month, here on The Girl Who Knows.
I’ve decided to take a break for the month of August.

That’s right. No new written blog posts. No weekly newsletters.
Instead, I’ll be off-line, with my camera(s), photographing the world.
AND, finishing up my digital experience that’s launching in September!

Not to worry, I’ll explain more next week (I’m writing a more detailed post about why I’m doing it + how you can join me).

This week I had one of the most productive weeks in a long time.
Don’t you just LOVE those kind of weeks? I’m hoping I can keep the streak going. Fingers + toes crossed.
But for now, I’m planning on a few days off with my man.
We’ll be lounging, brunching with friends and hitting up some new L.A. eateries.
What about you? What are you up to this weekend?
Besides checking out all the rad-ness below? Obviously. 😉

You. Rock!







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