Gotta love hangover today?

I do!
In the best possible way.
Yesterday I spent the day being pampered and loved by not only my beau,
but all of the amazing people in my life.
And I lovingly dished it right back at ’em.
It was an all-out love fest.
Today . . . I feel mega-grateful.

That’s what a day of indulging in love will do for you, I guess!
Sidenote: I survived SoulCycle, in case you were wondering.
And I’m kind of obsessed now.

This weekend I get to see some Bay Area friends who are in town, shoot a fun video chat {which you’ll be seeing very soon} and of course, catch up on my Zzzz’s.
What about you?
What are you up to this weekend?
Whatever it is, I hope it’s amazeballs!






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