Happy Friday!

It sort of feels strange celebrating TGIF these days.
Being a work-from-home (or from here), bootstrapping solopreneur, who’s in search of living my dream life – means that everyday could theoretically be Friday in my world.

And I love that.

I’m so grateful this week for my friend Marthe Hagen (of The Freedom Experiment) who is here visiting from Norway for a few weeks.
She and I have been working, plotting, brainstorming, coaching each other and being loving sounding boards for all things creative.
It’s been productive. But above all, soul-inspiring and crazy fun!

Don’t forget to head over to my interview with Marthe for a chance to win her fab new book, Feeling Good When Life is Hard.
I’m picking the lucky winner on Monday so hop to it.

Now, we’re off to see some snow.
Otherwise known as the 8pm fake snow fall “show” at The Grove in L.A.
Ahhhh, the magic of the holidays.

Merry weekend to all!


A great post from fellow baby ambivalent woman. Anyone else out there resonate with this? I’d love to know!

Once again Eric Ripert delights (me at least). This time over chocolate. Mmmhmm. Delicious!

Even Oprah Winfrey has a rough year every now and then.

Amy Poehler + Tina Fey are hosting the Golden Globe Awards this year. The Globes just got real.

I just got introduced to this A-mazingly creative blog ~ it’s totally handwritten. As in the blog is all handwritten fonts. I mean . . .

Beautiful words of encouragement. Grow baby, Grow!

I’m loving our beautiful, big, Noble Fir tree this year. Smells divine. But these trees, are making me think hard about next year’s setup.

I love everything about + from Taiwan (including this guy). This feast for the eyes is definitely on my must-see list next time we visit!

This site, in all it’s awkward glory, never gets old.

A powerful essay on food, nourishment, health, poverty and privilege. One of the most moving things I’ve read all year!

Nasa’s take on 12.21.12.

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  1. Steph – Thaaank you for the kind words and shout out for my little blog! I’ve actually been silently reading yours for quite awhile, but just never commented… time to remedy that! 😉 Anyway, thank you for brightening my evening. 🙂

    1. Yay!! Thank YOU Kristin. Your blog is magical and awesome. So honored you’ve been hanging around my “home” here. 🙂
      Look forward to connecting more in the future. Happy holidays! xo

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