I’ve been super introspective this week.

Do you ever have days or weeks like that?
I mean, I’m always pretty introspective, analyzing the intricacies of life, but this week was even more so.

I wrote a (surprisingly) polarizing article about what I learned from the whole Paula Deen debacle happening right now. It left me feeling vulnerable and wanting to be accepted, even if my take on the event is not popular opinion. If you haven’t read it, I’d love to know what you think.

Also, I wanted to give you an update, thanks to everyone who offered words of support after last week’s life altering accident. I’m actually writing this week’s post from the same cafe where I almost bit the dust. I’m all about facing my fears. And refuse to let fear run my life. But nonetheless, my hands are shaky, my nerves are a bit frayed and I’m on alert. It’s so interesting how fear continues to live in your body, well after trauma has passed. Like I said, lots to be introspective about this week. 🙂

I was inundated with an abundance of videost this week (i love when that happens) and had a really hard time choosing which two to feature below. I hope you’ll spend a few minutes and watch them both. For different reasons, they are both incredibly moving + inspiring. A perfect way to start your weekend!

As for the rest of the links, I’ve got all kinds of treats, visual eye candy and delicious eats – so dig in! And enjoy.





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