Spring, Sweet Spring!

I find it a tad hilarious that we LA peeps celebrate the arrival of spring with such zeal.
Because, as a midwesterner, this place feels like spring at least 300 days a year!
Yes it’s been a cool, sometimes even downright cold winter.
But I mean. . . it’s no NYC. STL. Or SLC.

Nevertheless, I’m always happy to celebrate the arrival of a new “season”.
The flowers.
The birds.
The sunshine.
The sense of possibility.
The air of new beginnings.
And the carefree days of summer right around the corner.
Spring is pretty damn delicious.

How are you celebrating the arrival of spring?
I’ll be basking in the perfect weather, lunching with friends and having a long overdue date day with my love.

No matter where you are or what you do, I hope your weekend is all kinds of bright!






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  1. no joke, i have been thinking about how awesome it would be to have indoor swings, and bam! those look amazing, and i am making sure i have them not only for my future babes, but for myself.

    and that film is great. i love how people find satisfaction in so many different lifestyles and ways of being.

    thank you for an awesomely curated list. 🙂


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