I’m sure you have heard the saying ‘you are what you eat’. This is true on many levels.

The foods we consume make up the building blocks of our cells. Imagine a pregnant woman. Everything she eats forms a brand new life inside of her body. Isn’t that incredible?

Foods affect us in different ways. Some foods like root vegetables and miso soups are grounding while other foods like leafy greens and fresh herbs cleanse our system. When you pay attention to how foods make you feel and understand that you can change your moods by changing your meals, then you’re really onto something.

There are many foods that are known to have aphrodisiac properties. In the spirit of love this month, here are five of my favorite foods to increase the love and feelings of well-being. Enjoy these foods with the intention to create more love in your belly and your life!

  • Avocado is loaded with vitamin E which helps our bodies produce hormones like estrogen and testosterone. When our bodies have proper hormone levels they tend to be more open and willing to love.
  • Chili Peppers contain the chemical capsaicin, which help to increase blood flow and stimulates feel-good endorphins in the brain. Chili’s are considered an exotic love food and are sure to get your energy flowing quickly!
  • Chocolate is often on the brain this month. Cacao beans contain the stimulant phenylethylamine, which can produce feel-good feelings, as well as excitement. Enjoy the darkest chocolate you can find. Toss some raw cacao beans in a smoothie. Stir a heaping tablespoon of cacao powder into your favorite warm milk with honey for a delicious hot chocolate.
  • Maca is an amazing superfood from Peru that reduces cortisol levels to help us de-stress. It’s hard to feel loving when we’re stressed out! Maca has traditionally been used as a sex tonic and been shown to improve fertility in some men. This root is a powerful adaptogen, meaning it works with the individual needs of the person consuming it. Maca has an earthy, sweet flavor making it a wonderful addition to smoothies, breakfast porridges, and hot tonics.
  • A research study from Texas A&M University reports that Watermelon has phytonutrients that act like Viagra in the body! These plant chemicals relax the blood vessels in a similar way as the medication. Watermelon also boosts our immune system which helps stay healthy and grounded.

How will you incorporate these ‘love’ foods into your life this month? We can’t wait to find out! Please share your love recipes with us below!



Photo by Ashley Coombs

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