When we are looking towards creating a fulfilling life, we must often release stagnant energy or situations that have built up within our energetic fields.

I have studied with several Shamanic teachers over the years. During these years, one of the unifying themes of this work has consistently been the notion of releasing the old in order to invite in the new.

Often times, talking and talking and talking about something will not actually help us to release it. But when we create a ritual to release the energetic ties to a person, place or situation; when we cleanse the old, we create very sacred and beautiful space to invite in the new.

When we create space in our Souls and our Psyche’s, we literally open up to new possibilities and new realities, and by doing so, are able to more consciously choose what we would like to bring into our lives.

So, instead of talking to you about the notion of ritual and energy, which are such important parts of living a luminous and uplifting life, I’d like to offer you a guided meditation and a guided ritual. The following meditation is part of 7-OM and a lovely adaptation of an old Shamanic principle and practice that works to shift our old stagnant energies into light.

Ideally, you will do both the ritual and the meditation in one sitting, doing the meditation first and then the letting go ritual. But you can also do them on separate occasions if it calls to you (after all, your heart is the place of the highest truth). Most importantly, remember that Intention and an Open Heart is everything. You cannot do this wrong.

This is a beautiful meditation and ritual to do at the time of the Full Moon. Or, whenever your Soul tells you it’s time to let something go.


After listening to the meditation, it’s time for the 7-OM RITUAL:

  • Light a candle. Set Sacred Space in whatever way that means to you. Whether you say a specific blessing, invite in angelic or celestial support or just ground your feet on the floor and declare sacred space, know that your instinct is perfect.
  • Then take a piece of blank paper and write the following words:
    If I could release one thing, it would be….
  • Then allow whatever it is that would most serve your highest good to come forward and be released. It may be an old way of thinking or being, a way of experiencing the world, an old dynamic or relationship or even something specific that is going on physically. Allow it to come forward now. Know that no-one else will be reading this (ever). This is between you and You. Allow anything dark, scary, or shameful to come forward. Any memory, any connection, any metaphorical or energetic chord to another person that no longer serves you, allow it to come forward to be released. If you are brave and allow it to be witnessed in this way, it will be transmuted into light.
  • Write until you feel complete. Then write the words:
    With gratitude and with love and with compassion for all involved, I Release I Release I Release.
  • Take the piece of paper to your lips and literally blow on the paper – with the intention that you are releasing any energy through your breath that relates to what you have just written. Blow three times with power – like you are fogging up a mirror and releasing something for the last time.
  • Then, take the piece of paper somewhere safe – it can be the kitchen sink or the toilet, or outside with a firepit or even an empty planter pot.
  • Grab a match or a lighter or a candle and burn the piece of paper. And as you do, ask that Pachamama (Mother Earth) and your luminous support team help take any stagnant old energy from the release and mulch it into light. Ask for them to support you on your beautiful journey to remembering the truth and the beauty of who you actually are.
  • See the paper being engulfed by the flames and bear witness to the ways in which the energy inside your Being is being positively shifted as a result of this release. Because it is. As a side note, if fire feels too scary or tricky for you, then you can just rip the paper up or shred it. We are living in magical times where Intention is truly everything. From personal experience, I would put Intention and an engaged imagination above an actual ritual practice done with a lackluster heart. No question about it. So choose for yourself what resonates. And know that it’s perfect. As are you.
  • And then finally, invite in a beautiful effervescent Rose Golden Light to shine throughout your Being and recalibrate and bless the space that has been cleared and cleansed. See or feel this light entering your Being and take a few deep breaths. Thank Pachamama and the angels and the stars and whomever you resonate with on a Spiritual level for facilitating this energetic shift and honor yourself for the gift of energetic alchemy you just gave yourself.
  • If you feel called, get out your Journal and write the words: The Ritual of Release and spend a few moments writing about the experience and anything specific that came forward for you to share with yourself.
  • Commit to releasing one of your possessions this week. It can be anything and feel free to give it to a good home. As the Feng Shui smartypants will tell us, creating space in your physical realm helps shift stagnant energy and creates a flow in the Universe that is beneficial to us all.

You are complete.

Blessings and love to you,



Top image by Lisa Wiseman

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