A dream written down (as opposed to stuck in your thoughts) is WAY more likely to come true. While I can’t prove this to be a fact, I certainly believe it is.

I recently created what I like to call a ‘Jar of Dreams‘. What is it? It’s a container that holds and celebrates all of my happy memories, wishes, goals and dreams. It’s helped me to understand what I want in my life and what my priorities are. And it’s a super cute reminder that I can look at it every single day.

A Jar of Dreams is a great way to further your personal development, but it’s also a great gift idea for engagements, weddings, birthdays, graduations, and more! It’s even a fun idea to put one together as a keepsake for future generations. Gather your supplies, ’round up your friends or family and start dreaming!



  • Jars
  • Markers or paint
  • Masking tape
  • Pen or pencil
  • Paper
  • Anything else like fairy dust glitter (regular glitter will also do the trick), chalkboard paint, spray paint, ribbons or any other decorative accessories. Be creative, make it your own! Stick photos in the jar or even tie your dreams together with beautiful ribbons.


Need some extra inspiration? Have a look here on Pinterest (and add photos of your own Jar of Dreams)!

Not so crafty? WIN a jar, made by me, with lots of love. All you need to do is comment below, and tell us which dream you’d like to come true this year. Leave us your comments by Friday March 6th! We’ll pick and announce a winner on Saturday March 7th.

A big CONGRATULATIONS to the winner of our Jar of Dreams giveaway – Karen Van Oost! We hope this jar will be a big part of your dreams coming true in 2015. xo

Happy crafting!

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  1. My #1 dream this year is to get accepted into graduate school. My dream is so close, I’m waiting on the admission committee’s decision right now!

    1. I have no doubt that you’re already on your way to grad school Nicole! So exciting! Thanks for stopping by and sharing one of your big dreams with us. We’ll let you know if you’re the winner of a Jar of Dreams by Femke! 🙂

      1. Thanks Stephanie. It was actually 2 hours ago that I found out I had been accepted into the program! 🙂

  2. My dream is to become a certified health coach this year so i can work with women’s weight & nutrition issues as they age.

  3. My dream is that everyone i love, especially the people who go thrue a difficult time, find inner peace and the courage to build a little bit of happiness… My second dream is to work as a therapist for those who need it. I wish i had a home to call MySpace. And a second child that brings joy in my family just like my first one.

  4. My big go-getter dream for this year is to launch a little company. My business partner is my Mom which makes it all the more special. Creative juices are flowing. Little thoughts are becoming little realities. This jar would be perfect to track the journey of my dreams.

    1. I love that Kerri – how special that you and your mom are partners in creating a business. I can’t wait to see how your jar of dreams helps you turn this big dream into a reality! Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  5. I dream of living a bold, confident, colorful life filled with beauty, laughter and love.

  6. What a beautiful jar!! 🙂
    One of my dreams is to see the world! This year I absolutely want to visit another continent… I want to go to South America… Bolivia or Colombia, but there is so much that has to be arranged in advance!

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