Be honest.
Have you ever been brought to tears by a meal?

Or closed your eyes in the middle of a crowded room, as you tasted and savored each and every nuanced flavor in your mouth?
Or have you dreamt about an unforgettable dining experience?
Or wished + dreamed for a private cooking demo, followed by dinner with Eric Ripert?
‘Cause I have.
More than a few times.

I’m a foodie.
And I’m proud to admit it!

The term “foodie” went mainstream several years ago, spurred I’m sure by the countless new Food Network shows, food-related reality competitions and burgeoning celebrity chef culture.
As of lately though, being a foodie has gotten a bad rap (not unlike foodie’s cousins, “gourmet” or “epicure”).
It’s seen as elitist, snobby and down-right ridiculous by a big chunk of the population.

But what is a foodie, really?
Technically it’s defined as, “a person who has an ardent or refined interest in food.”

But beyond an interest in food, foodies are curious.
They want to know about ingredients, about preparation, about chefs, about food-culture.
They’ll travel quite a distance, just to try a restaurant or a special dish.
And they spend their time and energy on finding great food-related experiences.

If it were up to me, everyone would self identify as a foodie.
You know why?
Not because we like to eat (which we do).
And not because we’re fascinated by food culture (which we are).

But because being a foodie is about living with your 5-senses on full blast at every single meal.
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To me this is a metaphor for how I want to live in every area of my life, not just with food.

Being a foodie means you’re fundamentally turned on by food.
It can feel like a passionate love affair. Steamy. Sweet. Hot.
It feels good to feel excited and inspired.

What if we brought the same enthusiasm that foodie’s show for food, to our lives?
What if you got up every morning and savored getting dressed? Wearing fabrics that feel delicious.
What if you approached your job with unbridled enthusiasm? Making each moment, a treat (for yourself and your co-workers).
What if you actually celebrated your relationship with your partner? Like, REALLY celebrated (not just on date night).

See being a foodie isn’t just about food.
It’s about how the food, makes you feel.
For us, it’s not just about satiating our hunger.
Each meal is a celebration. A delight. A party in our mouth. A feast for our senses.

I calculated.
On average, we only have 76,650 meals in our lifetime (assuming we live on average 70 years).

In other words, it’s finite. Like life.
So, choose wisely.

I’m curious, do you define yourself as a foodie?
Even if you don’t, how do you bring the same spirit, of living full-out, to your life?
Tell me in the comments below!

Bon Appétit!

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  1. I have recently realized I’m a foodie when I accidentally rambled on to my dads new girl friend about how much I like ‘this dish and that dish, and i love this with this, and this restaurant has the best…’ lol. She told me I must be a foodie. and luckily she is too! She makes the most amazing flavorful meals and we sit and talk about them after.
    I’ll try almost anything and Im always looking for more flavor. One of my dreams is to travel across the us and Europe to try local dishes. I can almost taste certain foods just by thinking about them. lol
    I believe everyone needs to experience their food more, not just consume it to keep going!
    Glad to know you are a fellow foodie, but how could you not be with all the adventures you’ve had!

    1. Yaay for foodies! 🙂 I’m glad you have a partner in foodie crime, in your father’s girl friend. I think food is magical. And I’m glad you do too. Here’s to many more travel + food adventures in our future!

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