After the excitement of Christmas and the New Year, you may be left feeling a little flat.

Sadly, this feeling can take hold quite quickly after the hustle and bustle of the holidays. Here’s what you can do to keep yourself from being in a rut, or pick yourself up if you’ve already fallen into one.

  • Get perspective
    Akin to counting your blessings, the act of changing your perspective can come about simply through drawing your focus to the positive things in your life. Grab a cup of tea at home, or go and visit your favourite cafe, with your notebook in hand — write a list of all the things that you’re grateful for today. This is a fabulous way to kick start the new year on a positive note.
  • Go for a long walk
    The triple bonus of fresh air, nature and physical activity will refresh your spirit. If you don’t feel motivated to get outside on your own, call a close friend and have them join you.
  • Try something new
    Shake up your routine and learn a new skill like knitting, or crossfit or maybe a new language. This will bring you into contact with new people and get you out of the house. Can’t afford classes? Get a bunch of friends together and giggle your way through DIY videos at home.
  • Set mini goals
    Now’s not necessarily the time to be making life-altering decisions, so why not try short-term achievable goals? Mini goals can be something you want to get done this morning, today, or this week. The smaller the better. For each goal you achieve, you’ll feel more motivated to reach for the next goals, which will snowball to large, more broad-reaching goals. If you struggle with goal-setting, try a rewards bases system. Achieve the goal, and reward yourself with something fun!
  • Community
    Isolating yourself when you’re in a rut can seem like the most natural thing to do. Its’ obvious antidote is to surround yourself with loving people. Whether it’s dinner and a chat with friends, a visit to your family, or the good vibes of a supportive yoga class, re-inserting yourself into your community is a powerful way to cull those negative vibes.
  • Hugs
    Hug anything and everything. Quite literally. Whether it’s your friends or your cat, or even a big tree (try it, it works!). Giving and receiving love through hugs will warm that sadness right out of you. Maybe some tears will first flow, but the sweet smiles that follow are more than worth it.

Knowing that being in a rut is inevitable, we’d love to know — how do you pull yourself out of a rut? When you’re in a “funk” how do you bring yourself back to a happier, or more serene place? Leave us a note in the comments below and share your tips and stories.


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