Yep it’s true, I’m an art virgin.

Don’t get me wrong, I love art.
More specifically, I love seeing another people’s creative work.
It’s fascinating – the color and patterns and lines, that come out of a creative mind.
Such beauty.
But for whatever reason {intimidation, laziness, not being “in the know”}, I’ve never attended a gallery opening, or been to an independent art gallery for that matter. The shame!

When I moved to LA about eight months ago, I came across a really fun blog written by the lovely Heather Taylor, called LA in Bloom. I poured over her blog, watched some fun videos she did and learned that she co-owned an art gallery called Taylor De Cordoba in the Culver City Arts District. Needless to say, she seemed like a seriously cool woman, whom I would love to know.

Thanks to the It’s-A-Small-World of social media, I found out about and attended the opening reception (and the inaugural event at the new gallery digs) on Saturday night.
I have to admit, I had butterflies like it was the first day of school. Since I certainly don’t consider myself “knowledgeable” about the art world, I felt a bit lacking in “cool factor”. However, that promptly changed once I stepped inside.

NYC based Simone Shubuck, who’s work has been exhibited at galleries around the world and holds court at the MoMA in New York, is also a floral designer for some of NYC’s biggest (think Mario Batali and The Standard Hotel among many others).

When I saw the press photo for the event, I was instantly enamored. In her new exhibition, “Do You Like Old Things, or New Things That Look Old?“, Shubuck muses on our relationship with the past and the present, using analog materials (paper, pencil, crayon, and paint) to create mixed media collages that are visually dynamic and totally inspiring.

I found Simone’s work to be absolutely beautiful. Stunning. Intricate. And fun!
When I got up close to each piece, it was amazing to see all of the many lines and details that went into creating the whole. I’m still reeling from how beautiful Simone’s work was and how it made me feel. How all of my senses came alive. How I felt a sense of whimsy and childlike magic.
And just like that, I wasn’t’ worried about my cool factor and instead was captivated by the beauty. By the work. And by the creator and everyone who gathered to appreciate and celebrate her.

If you’ll be in Los Angeles between now and June 1, 2013 – be sure to check out the new home of Taylor De Cordoba in Culver City and see the exhibition of Simone’s work.

Below I’ve included a few photos I shot at the event – I’ve also included a photo of yours truly, shot by the lovely and talented Lani Trock for Refinery 29.







{Designer Clare Vivier et moi}
{Designer Clare Vivier et moi}


{Photographer Lani Trock}
{Photographer Lani Trock}


{Photo by Lani Trock for Refinery 29}
{Photo by Lani Trock for Refinery 29}
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