Halloween holds a special place in my heart because in addition to being a freaktastic holiday, it’s also my birthday (and we love birthdays ’round here at The Girl Who Knows)!

Halloween is a day devoted to shock factor, so I love to go “all out” with costumes and decorations. Growing up, our house was top to bottom decked out with spiders, skulls, and Frankenstein’s.

I mean come on! How could you NOT love this magical day of the year where you have free reign to be wild!

Over the years, I’ve realized there is so much more depth to this holiday than you might realize. More importantly, there are some great lessons that we can apply to the other 364 days of the year.

1. Permission to be outrageous.
Stop holding back, and allow yourself to turn up the dial when you want to be your boldest self.

2. Fear can be a friend.
There is a primal wisdom within fear. It is trying to protect us.
We can also CHOOSE to take a ride inside the haunted house (whatever is most scary to us) and come out the other side, with a smile.

3. Limitations of expression are merely a lack of imagination.
Halloween is a day specifically about choosing and dressing up like anyone you want to be. But why stop there! If you’d like to express one version of yourself today, do it. If you’d like to express a completely different version tomorrow, what’s holding you back?
It’s not about wearing masks, but about expressing ALL of who you are. Warts, sparkles, and all!

4. Monsters deserve a chance to be celebrated too.
Just as there is light, there is darkness.
Stop hiding your monsters in the closet and let them come out to play.

5. Even within a group, you can each own your individuality.
My personal favorite lesson is how a Superman, a Witch, and a Dalmatian can all be excitedly linked arm and arm walking together.
Instead of judgments, your individuality is applauded. Beauty in the diversity.

Which of these Halloween lessons will you apply to your life, today (and in the 364 days that follow)?



Photo by Brian Holland 

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  1. I agree – let the playful sprite inside of you come out to play. Even if it looks like a monster sometimes! It is fun to “dress up” your body and your surrounding decor plus – if you use lots of color like I do – it stimulates the eyes and brain. We need to remember that it is okay to “make-believe” because that encourages your imagination.

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