My first experience with Reiki was back in early 2001 in Los Angeles. I booked a session with a guy at a well-known spa – totally on a whim. And I proceeded to have a mind-blowing, transformative experience in just under 60 minutes.

That’s why when our content manager Rachel suggested a brilliant new guest editor for our spring residency, who happened to be a Master Reiki Teacher, I was an immediate yes.

Lauren Adamczyk has been practicing and teachingReiki for many years. And her love of this potent energy work is still going strong. I love hearing about women who are going against the grain, pursuing the work that they find fulfilling and deeply joy-filled. And Lauren is definitely doing all of that (and more)!

I’m thrilled to bring you this Q&A, where we talk about all things sensory, why Reiki is transformational and how speaking your truth will lead you home. Enjoy getting to know our brand new guest editor, Lauren Adamczyk!



It’s so great to get to share your story with our readers today Lauren (and to have you as a guest editor at The Girl Who Knows)! Let’s dig in – start by telling us who you are and what you do + create + love?
I’m excited to be here! So, I’m Lauren Adamczyk, and I’m a Reiki Energy Healer and Master Teacher, currently living in Seal Beach. I love helping people understand how they exist on an energetic level – it’s my purpose to help people live from their Higher Selves.

I’ve had my Reiki practice since 2011 and I’m committed to spreading awareness of Reiki as a gentle, yet powerful, technique for energy healing. I do this through 1:1 Reiki session, teach group classes and mentor energy healers. Reiki is truly a part of my everyday life, both personally and professionally.

Outside of my work, I love to travel and explore this beautiful planet of ours – whether that’s paddleboarding in turquoise waters, hiking through lush jungles, or exploring ancient ruins.

How did you come to Reiki? How did you decide to do this work in the world, and ultimately be your own boss? Why is the work you do so important?
I decided to start my business after 4 years of being on my own healing journey. I felt called to share the methods that helped me blossom into my best self. So in 2011, I started Blossoming Lotus.

Working with the Reiki energy changed my life so drastically that I wanted to support others who were going through challenging, difficult, and dark times like I had. The blog came along later as I knew I wanted to extend my reach by being more present online. Also, I travel at least once a month, and my clients were begging me to share my insider tips!

Honestly, I feel that the work I do is the most important work in the world. I help people understand how they exist on an energetic level. They start to ask, “What’s the lesson here?” versus “Why is this happening to me?”

When we reconnect to our true nature, our Higher Selves, the part of us that is infinite, we recognize that we are not physical beings having a spiritual experience, but that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience. This individual conscious awareness expands to touch family, friends, coworkers, and anyone who comes in contact with a self-realized soul. This brings more light, love, and healing to the planet one person at a time.


I completely agree – when we do this kind of work in some way, we really do impact the whole world. While the work you do is rooted in energy, and the heart – I’d love to know how you stay motivated and inspired in work/life, when things are feeling less than magical?
I stay connected to my intention for doing this work daily. It helps to bring in perspective and reminds me that as long as I do at least ONE thing towards creating more awareness around energy healing daily, then it has been a successful day. It cuts back on the overwhelm with all of the deadlines and due dates I face on a regular basis.

I love the simplicity of just one thing. It’s powerful. I’m curious, what gets you out of bed in the morning?
Wow. There are so many things that come to mind when I read that question! My boyfriend gets me out of bed every morning so we can share breakfast together. On a deeper level, helping to shift the consciousness of the planet is what gets me out of bed every day. I do it through Reiki, others do it through their own unique set of gifts. As long as we are sharing more beauty, love, light and positivity in the world, the better off we will all be!

So true! Speaking of – what does it mean to you, to live a life and have a business – with SOUL?
Integrity and intention are everything. For me, this means creating and honoring boundaries within both. If I find myself giving too much in my business, I honor that by scheduling time to play and travel in my personal life.


Switching gears a bit, I’m a believer that our six senses (taste, see, smell, hear, touch, feel/intuition) are a pathway to being present in the moment. What is your predominant or favorite sense? Is there anything in particular that lights up your senses?
I have noticed in my years of doing this energy work that my senses have gotten even stronger. I’m so grateful for this . . . except for when I’m doing healing work and I can hear people’s conversations through the walls! Ha!

But seriously, I revel in the experience of having a body and being able to explore the senses in so many different ways. It is one of the reasons I love to travel so much. It’s so hard to pick, but I think touch may be my favorite sense. I feel energy with my hands, I hold people in the warm embrace of love with my hands, I share intimate moments with loved ones with touch. It is SO powerful, especially when you become attuned to the Reiki energy!

Yes, touch is so foundational (and pleasurable). I love it too. Another not-so-random question I have (since my birthday just passed), I’d love to know your dream way to spend a birthday?
In Kauai or Big Sur surrounded by love.

Oh, Hawaii (such a magical place)! Since we’re on the topic of travel, tell us the top places you’d send me if I was visiting your ‘hood (Seal Beach, CA)?

  • I would send you to the Queen Mary for an overnight stay with a Ghost Tour. That ship still holds a lot of energy from its glory days, and it will make you feel like a kid exploring again!
  • I would have you head down to 2nd St to see the shops, and then rent a paddle board to paddle through all the canals in Naples.
  • You would definitely want to eat at one of my favorite restaurants, Number 9 on “Retro Row” on 4th St.


What are you working on right now that feels like a celebration?
My website launched on May 1st which includes my 12 track meditation album. I am so excited about it!!!

That is huge – congratulations! I can’t wait to listen to it. I know through the process of your recent launch, creating your meditation album and doing your work in general, you’ve learned a lot. Question: if you knew then, what you know now – what message would you have for your younger self?
This is tough because I want to tell my younger self to speak her truth. It’s tough when you feel alone within your own family because you were so different that you pretend to be someone you are not. I don’t think they would have known what to do with my truth!

But the message would be to shine your light and be strong and confident in who you are no matter what anyone else says.

And finally — what is one thing you know to be true?
I know for sure that we are infinite beings.

. . . . . .

I feel so grateful to have been connected to Lauren and to be able to support her and share her work with you today. I rely a lot on my sense of intuition – and I knew from the moment I stepped into Lauren’s world online that she’s the real deal – and doing important work that the world needs. Thank you for that, Lauren!

I hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know this beauty as much as I have. If you want to say hi to Lauren yourself, leave a note below and be sure to find her on Facebook & Instagram (great if you want to keep up with her travels – cue wanderlust!).

You can also keep tabs on all of Lauren’s posts over on her contributor page on The Girl Who Knows! And of course, if you’re curious about Reiki, be sure to book a session with Lauren (and get ready for something profoundly beautiful)!

Get ready to meet more incredible women – I’ll be introducing you to all of our new guest editor squad in the weeks to come. Until next time . . .



Photos courtesy of Lauren Adamczyk

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