Natalie is one of those girls that makes you instantly comfortable. With her boisterous laugh and infectious smile, you can’t NOT adore her!

I first met Natalie in Oakland, over burgers with a mutual coach friend and total Wildheart. We talked about life, love, sex and business (and probably everything in between). Since then, we have stayed in touch and when I found out she had moved back to my neck of the woods, I knew something magical was brewing.

Natalie is a force to be reckoned with. With her vast life experience and hunger for truth, she is someone we can all look to for insight and lessons to ignite our lives. I have no doubt that she will be shining bright in 2015 – mark my word!

I’m honored that this incredible coach, tarot expert and all around dynamic woman, agreed to be a Guest Editor in Residence for a few months. She is an old soul, filled with wisdom and a huge heart. Her courage and honesty never cease to amaze and inspire me. And now you my dear friends, will get the pleasure of learning all about what makes Natalie tick.

Enjoy getting to know the lovely Natalie Vartanian!




Hey girl! I’d love for you tell us a bit about you. What do you do in the world? What do you love? Anything you want to share, so our lovely readers can get to know you better.

Absolutely!  Well, for starters, I was born near Boston, Massachusetts but grew up in Southern California (Pasadena). I traveled around for a few years and ended up back in my hometown a year ago. But those five years were so important to me – it was a true spreading of the wings. I lived in another part of the state, in another state, traveled around all of the states in an RV, worked for cool companies, started a life coaching practice, expanded my business, grew an amazing community of friends, ‘family’ and colleagues, experienced love and heart break a few times over, and the person I am today thanks me for all of that.

What I do in the world is help people experience love – amazing, healing, beautiful, healthy, expansive, passionate, evolving love. What I love is people . . . I know it sounds like a super beauty pageant response, but I do! It is one of the big reasons I love traveling – I also love adventuring, experiencing new things, learning, playing, laughing, loving, LIVING!




A lot of people want to do their own thing in terms of work. I’m curious, why did you decide to start your business and blog initially?

I started my blog as an outlet for my writing – poetry, random thoughts, travel journaling for friends, and then when I started life coaching, it expanded into my website/business. I saw how the way I lived, loved, showed up in the world and experienced life impacting and inspired others profoundly. I keep doing what I do because I want a world of turned on, in love, happy, passionate, free, fulfilled, purposeful people!

Heck yeah!  I love that. It sounds like for you, doing your own thing is really about doing what comes organically to you (and what you love).  As a follow-up, I’d love to know what you feel is most important about the work you do in the world, as a coach, tarot reader, writer etc.?

I do what I do because I can’t NOT do it. I have been doing ‘this’ for as long as I can remember – coaching people, cheerleading, giving advice, helping, brainstorming, encouraging, writing, inspiring etc. It fills me up to no end. I am a happy woman when I know I have made someone’s day, experience, life, love better.

So inspiring lady! As we both know, being your “boss” is amazing AND exhausting. How do you stay motivated and inspired in your work and life every day?

GOOD QUESTION! Especially because we ALL go through times when we ask ourselves “Why the HELL are we doing what we are doing again?!” For me it is about reconnecting to the WHY, to the vision and to the impact it makes in the world. I’ll read feedback or testimonials from past clients. I will daydream and write out my vision in my journal. I will talk to my friends to have my why reflected back to me. Sometimes you gotta just throw spaghetti at the wall and see what sticks in the inspiration and motivation department!





Love those ideas about staying connected to your WHY. It’s so important. It’s what saves the day for me time and time again too. So, let’s talk about another  topic, The Senses (which we’re all a bit in love with here at TGWK). What is your predominant (or favorite) sense? And how do you use your senses to help you live a more rich + fulfilling life?

This is a hard one! I love them all! I guess if I had to pick one it would be FEEL. I am a huge feeler . . . emotions, intuition, spirituality, all of those are super important to me and building blocks for a rich and fulfilling life. I work to tune in daily – whether I journal, meditate, do a gratitude exercise, listen to intuition in both personal and professional realms, have deep conversations/intimate experiences with people in my life, soak in the love and beauty around me, it is a practice for sure to be present and FEEL . . . I want to be touched by life and all of its amazingness on a regular basis.





It IS hard to pick just one, I guess that’s kind of an unfair question (ha!). Intuition is such a biggie (and often overlooked sense), love that it’s one of your faves! So, why do you think our senses are so important?

They make up who we are as human beings. Just as our breath is important to keep us going, so do all of the senses. I think it is important to foster them ALL because to compartmentalize our lives (and our selves) is to live a half life.

You speak the truth my friend. I’d love to know, what are some of your go-to ways to indulge your senses?

Have sex, get hugs, take baths, get massages . . . realizing how much Touch is important for me, then again it IS one of my love languages. Ways I indulge the other senses are listening to music that moves me, burning yummy smelling candles or incense, get out in nature, check out art, frequent new restaurants, go to spiritual centers to fill up the soul, etc.



Any specific favorite things that light your senses up?

Currently I can say hands down my guy, Bob Schwenkler. He lights me up (in various ways for sure) but we experience a lot together and are constantly in the practice of being present and living rich, fulfilled lives. Right now I am accompanying him on the road trip he is doing for his project and I get to do all of my favorite things – see new and old places around the country, eat good food, laugh a lot, spend quality time with friends, meet new people, spread my wings, love big, hug hard!

I LOVE that you’re both on the road together (SO fun)!! On a completely unrelated topic (because I digress often), I’m a fan of birthdays as you know. What’s your ideal way to spend your birthday?

Traveling around Europe for a month or two with my guy!




That sounds like perfection. Can I join you? 🙂  Last question my dear, what are you working on right now that feels amazing (like a celebration)?

A one day love magic retreat in Summerland (near Santa Barbara) end of January, where me and two of my soul sisters/super bad ass healers are getting 9 to 11 women together to do some serious magic on their love lives. It is a combination of all of my favorite things that have helped me get to where I am in having an absolutely amazing relationship.

My guy and I are also planning to do a couple’s retreat in February in Southern California. Stoked on that too since he does men’s work and our super powers combined is going to be really profound and transformative for the couples who attend.

Also working on writing, TarotScopes (combo of horoscopes and tarot), way more in person events and speaking gigs. Add to that the traveling I am doing with my guy for the next month and a half which is a dream come true for me! Everything feels really fun and good and exciting with my biz and personal life these days!

You’re up to some seriously beautiful things! Ok, I lied, one final question: what do you know, for sure?

The more you open up and love, the more you heal, the more you grow, the more goodness from this world you receive.


Thank you Natalie for giving us a peak inside your world! You are such an inspirational woman, cooking up incredible experiences and magic for 2015. I know I speak for all of us when I say, we are so thankful to have your talent and insight and beautiful presence here on The Girl Who Knows!

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