Somehow, we’ve happened upon the holidays. AGAIN! How does that happen every year? I could’ve sworn we were celebrating the New Year just yesterday.

I’m not upset about it though—the holidays are my favorite time of year. “Receiving gifts” is my love language, which also means that giving gifts is the best way I know how to show love.

There’s nothing I enjoy more than finding the perfect gift for someone—gifts with soul. And by “gifts with soul”, I mean thoughtful, considered gifts; unique gifts with heart that the recipient will truly adore. That means you won’t ever get a pair of socks from me (unless, of course, socks make your heart sing).

Of course, I understand that not everyone loves giving gifts as much as I do. For many, finding the perfect gift can be incredibly stressful (especially if you’re trying to find said perfect gift a few days before the holidays). But don’t give up hope just yet!

You don’t have to resort to gifting some generic bottle of wine or a $50 bill. (Okay, okay, neither of those gifts sound that horrible.) If the holidays silently swooped in on you too this year — leaving you scrambling to find the perfect gift — I’ve curated a great list of (affordable) items for the soulful girl in your life:









I’ve gotten some heat for my gift-getting love language in my day — “Why do I have to spend time and money to show you I love you?!” people-I-have-decided-should-no-longer-be-in-my-life would lament to me — but I maintain that giving the perfect gift (which not need be expensive) is a physical manifestation of an intangible love.

When you share a soulful gift, a gift with heart, you’re also sharing how well you’ve considered someone else, their unique personality and individual tastes, and just how much their happiness means to you.

Instead of buying and sharing gifts “just because” this holiday season, I hope you’ll share a few soulful gifts; gifts from your heart. And I hope this curation of idea helps get you off to a great start.
Happy holidays!


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