When I first came across Fresh by Sian, created by creative Kiwi and rule breaker Sian Richardson, I knew she was my peeps.

First of all, her aesthetic sensibility is on point. And her words are equally as on point — relevant, resonant and deeply soul-stirring. She speaks the truth. And all of us entrepreneurial types could use to listen up!

Sian inspires others to live their truth so fiercely, that others can’t help but follow their lead. Can I get an A-men?

I’m so grateful Sian and I got to chat a bit about life and business — I hope you enjoy getting to know her as much as I have.




Thanks for chatting with me for a bit today Sian, I’m stoked to share a bit more about you with our readers! Let’s kick things off by having you tell us who you are and what you do + create + love?

I’m a Creative Entrepreneur. I’ve helped build brands, websites, and digital products. I like to say that I help ignite bad-ass brand culture.

I’m also a professional digital nomad and thrive on adventure and traveling to see the world. I like employ the outside-the-box approach to life and work. I think this is partially due to my Kiwi nature, and partially because I want to see as much of the world as possible (and infuse that into meaningful, kick-ass work — no matter which end of the globe I happen to find myself).

I love that! Such an adventurous spirit you are. Tell me, how did you decide to do this work, and ultimately to work for yourself?

I was feeling unfulfilled in my job. And it killed me to be stuck inside at a desk for 40 hours a week, knowing there was a whole world out there just waiting to be explored.



I think a lot of us entrepreneurial types can relate to that feeling of being stuck. In terms of what you’re doing in the world, what do you think is important about what you’re creating and offering?

The short version: because I love it.

The long version: because I think every single one of us has a gift that only WE can bring to the world. Something happens when you get out and live the life you want to live. You’re in your zone. You create + live from a place of authenticity and passion. And you inspire other people to do the same. And I think that’s pretty rad.

Rad indeed! While I know you’re passionate about what you’re doing, it’s not always fun working for yourself. Being in business is challenging. How do you stay motivated and inspired in work/life, when things are feeling less than amazeballs?

Taking breaks ― whether it’s throughout the day or week, or a proper holiday where I get to escape for a few days, without my laptop.

I think distance is important. Mixing it up. Breaking the routine. It can be tough at first, but it has to be done in order to keep your work fresh + innovative.



What gets you out of bed in the morning?

Good music.
Knowing that I get to spend my day however I want.
Knowing that the only way to get from where I am, to where I want to be is by doing the work.


So I’m a big believer that our six senses (see, smell, hear, touch, taste, feel/intuition) are a pathway to fulfillment and joy. And by consciously using our senses we cultivate more mindfulness in our daily life. Do you actively practice using your senses? If so, what do you feel is your predominant or favorite sense? Anything in particular that lights up your senses?

I can’t choose between sound + sight. Sound because music keeps me going. The right song at the right time has the ability to change everything. And sight, because there’s so much I want to see and experience.

I have more interest in visiting crazy natureous places than I do the cities of the world. I wanna see the mountains, the glaciers, the rainforests, all of that good stuff, as much as I can ― because they’re changing a lot, and I want to experience as much as I can. Immersing yourself in that raw environment, it always makes me feel so damn alive.

The senses are how we experience everything around us. But I think the best thing is, we all experience things differently. We can look at the same thing, or hear the same song, or taste the same food, but we all have a completely different reaction. How cool is that?

Road tripping, with my fave tunes is a great way to indulge my senses. That’s probably my favorite thing to do, ever. No matter what country I’m in, what my life looks like, who I’m with, if I can do that, I’m stoked. I love how different songs take you back to different times and places too.

As far as what lights my senses on fire — big-ass mountains. The smell of a Redwood forest. Bonobo. The Glitch Mob. Whole Foods (but I’m probably just saying that cause I miss it so much). I got obsessed with Whole Foods when I lived in Canada, and sadly we don’t reaaally have anything similar here in NZ!


I agree, the senses are universal and yet our experience of them is completely personal. On a slightly different note — we’re big birthday (month) fans around here. What’s your dream way to spend a birthday?

Adventuring! Living it up with friends. Doing crazy shit. A few years ago I did a bungee jump, in Queenstown NZ, for my birthday. A couple years ago I went on a sunset Heli trip around San Francisco. That was ridiculous. Anything that involves being outside + exploring, I’m in!



Tell us, what are you working on right now that feels like a celebration?

I’m working on a bunch of new digital products at the moment. I’m so stoked on them. You know when you’re working on something and you just can’t step away from it, cause it’s so much fun? That’s where I’m at with these products. Fricken’ love it!


And finally — what is one thing you know to be true?

Living YOUR truth is the only way.


. . . . . .

I admire Sian so much — I’m sure you see why. She’s the consummate adventurer, a badass creator and proponent of truth. I truly love what she creates. I hope you’ve had a fun time getting to know her!

Be sure to head over to Fresh by Sian and check out Sian’s work — she has tons of cool free downloads and insightful posts for entrepreneurs. And don’t forget to say hi over on Instagram!

If you’re curious about the posts Sian has written here, you can view them all on her TGWK page.

Thanks for stopping by and getting to know guest editor Sian Richardson today — catch you next time, when we’ll get to know yet another badass woman in business.



Photos courtesy of Sian Richardson


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