When eating certain foods leaves you feeling sick, sore and uncomfortable, it’s easy to let the entire concept of eating become stressful.

You know what we’re talking about; interrogating waiters, painstakingly studying food labels, BYO food to a dinner party and not feeling free to eat whatever you want, whenever you want.

We here at Eatable believe that you don’t need to have this negative association with food. We believe that living with food intolerances can be luscious, simple and delicious.

Food is life. Just because there are certain foods out there that make you sick, doesn’t mean eating has to become a negative experience. We’re all about positively re-framing our food intolerances and want to help you focus on what you CAN eat rather than what you can’t.

Here are our tips for living stress-free  when it comes to food intolerances:

The Snack Rule

If there’s one golden rule we always follow it’s the Snack Rule: Always have a snack in your bag. In our experience, one of the main reasons that stress and distress rise while hunting for suitable food is because hanger (hungry anger) has already set in.

Hanger can lead to not just emotional stress, but also to taking risks with questionable food out of desperation. For this reason, we always carry snacks in our bag. This means we have something in our bellies (so that we’re not starving) when searching for an intolerant friendly meal option. They say you should never go shopping when you’re hungry and we say you should never go food hunting without intolerant friendly snacks!

Always Be Prepared

The girl scouts weren’t wrong! It’s a little-known secret that preparation is the secret to good health. When you have easy access to healthy, safe food you’re less likely to rely on pre-fab or processed gluten free food, and more likely to get nutritious meals into that gorgeous body of yours.
You could do a big cook up on the weekend or have few leftover meals in the freezer. One of our favourites is to always have some bliss balls in the fridge, especially when PMS hits and all you want to eat is carbs and chocolate.

Plan Ahead

If you know you’re going out for dinner with friends or have been invited to an event be sure to plan ahead. Call your friend or the venue well in advance of the event to assure they have food options for you (or find out if you need to BYO). Likewise, when you’re visiting a new city, be sure to check out which cafes and restaurants are going to be your go-to’s for a stress-free meal.

Get the Mind Right

Getting in the right mindset about food and lifestyle changes is super challenging, but ultimately the key to living well for you and your body. There are a lot of helpful, inward-looking techniques that can help you become more settled and have a more positive outlook on food. Meditation and yoga are our two favourites because they give you time alone with your mind and body.

What are your tips for living with food sensitivities? Do you have any thoughts for how to make it less stressful, and more enjoyable? We’d love to hear them in the conversation box below, so leave us a note!


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