When Steph sent over the theme for this month (Family), I knew I had something awesomely ironic to talk about.
Because I kinda draw the line at talking about my family on the interwebs + social media. So, obviously,  I’m going to write a blog post about the stuff I don’t want to write about.

If you’re like me and you run a business, and you’ve chosen to share a lot of your life online via your blog/website/social media, I think its really important to have some boundaries when it comes to the stuff you don’t want to talk about.

Because your life is not your website/blog/social media.

There’s more to you than that — and you should never share things you’re not comfortable with. And hey, let’s face it, your clients and customers probably don’t want to know every single detail of your life (i.e. what you had for breakfast this morning).

For me, I try to share a lot of my stories and life and business experiences throughout my online platforms, just because I like keeping it real and that’s what separates me from everyone else. Also because it’s fun!

But I draw the line when it comes to talking about close relationships in my life, and my family. It’s just not something that I feel like writing about or sharing.

I know friends who draw this same line, too when it comes to family stuff. It’s not that we want to be secretive about it, it’s just that we don’t feel the need to share or talk about every little thing in our lives.

So… Where do you draw the line? What boundaries do you have when it comes to sharing stuff online? I challenge you to look at where you might need or want some boundaries online, and experiment with setting those for yourself today (knowing you can always change them if and when you desire).


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