You might find me meditating in my robe or in a bathroom stall at any given moment. Why? Or better yet, how?

When you are in tune with your energy and you begin to notice that something feels off you can drop into meditation anytime, anywhere. Today I’m going to share a few tips that can help you be at peace no matter how fast the world seems to be spinning around you.

The other night I came home from yoga, showered, and dropped right into a group distance healing meditation I was leading – in my bathrobe and with a towel on my head. I committed to being in meditation at a certain time, and no clothes could stop me from being there.

There have been other times when I’m at my office with a client and my next client arrives early. This gives me little to no time to energetically prepare for my next session. So, I politely excuse myself, go into the bathroom, and meditate.

I know the challenges of being a soulful business owner with a list of tasks that never seems to end, so here are a few of my insider tips to balance your energy between clients, meetings, and emails:

Take a conscious breath
If nothing else, master this one! Our breath is the #1 tool we have to shift our energy at any given moment. Start by inhaling and exhaling through the nose. This starts to draw the focus and attention inward. Inhale for a count of 4, pause and hold the breath for a count of 4, and exhale out completely for a count of 4. Take 3-5 breaths in this way, working up to counts of 8.

Relax your body
Often times when we are busy, or stressed out, we are not conscious about how we are holding our physical body. This can manifest as tension in the jaw, neck, or shoulders, as migraines, or digestive issues to name a few. I find the best way to relax the body is by starting at the top of the head and checking in with the muscles. Notice if you are holding tension in your face, your jaw, your ears and then continue down through the rest of your body ending at the feet and the toes. Feel the softening of your body almost like a gentle wave moving through you.

Release your mind
The best way to let go of your mind is by releasing all the different roles you play in that moment, or in your life. These roles end up defining us, which is somewhat true to this lifetime, but honestly, you are infinite and you have played many “roles” before over many lifetimes. (If this information is new to you or intrigues you, I invite you to check out the work of Dr. Brian L Weiss) Once you release your role as daughter, mother, blogger, entrepreneur, business owner, etc. you can start accessing your authentic, or higher self, in any situation no matter how stressful.

Say an affirmation
Some of my favorites are: “I am here. This is happening.” “I step into the unknown with confidence.” “I am aligned with my Highest Truth and communicate my intentions with love, confidence, and clarity.” “I am a clear and perfect channel for (insert the word for whatever you are needing to feel supported in the moment)…”

I hope these tips help you stay centered and connected in any given moment! If you have other techniques that help you “drop in like it’s hot,” comment below. We love to hear and learn from each other!


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