There are times when we are so plugged into the present that we feel gloriously in the moment, pulsating with life force. Those brief periods of time are precious indeed. For most of us, we go in and out of that awareness, sometimes choosing to numb out, especially when we don’t like the present.

But what about when you’re not choosing? What about those times when you just feel disconnected from source . . . or your life? I’d be willing to bet that many people feel that – sometimes more often than we’d like.

While feeling disconnected can be frustrating, it can also be an opportunity to reflect. Tarot is my preferred tool for reconnecting with the present and ourselves. The images are evocative and meditating on them can bring insights that can jolt us back to the present – or simply give us something to ponder.

Here are a series of tarot prompts I’ve been experimenting with lately:

Present Moment Feel this
Focus on this Ponder this

Here’s how it works:
Pull together your supplies . . .

  1. Shuffle the cards and cut them into three piles.
  2. Restack the deck and then fan the cards out.
  3. Concentrating on each position, randomly choose a card.
  4. Turn the cards over one by one. Look at the images. What’s grabbing your attention?
  5. Meditate on each card carefully. Using them as little prods, write down your impressions. This is not to predict nor do you want to focus on “traditional meanings”. Instead, just journal what the image means to you.

An example:

Present Moment: High Priestess
What does this card say about the present moment? As I gaze on the image, I am struck by the serenity in the woman’s face. She looks so unperturbed. Almost Zen. The blue colors say coolness, calm to me. It’s almost like this card is reminding me that being in this moment will reveal what I need to know if I just remain sitting with it. Should I do a formal meditation? Or just relax into the now and see what bubbles up?

Feel this: Queen of Pentacles
How does this card make me feel? Once again, I find myself drawn to the expression on the woman’s face. She has a slight smile and she seems to be quite comfortable. This card makes me feel safe. Right now, I am safe and the Universe is with me. I need to come back to this mantra: I am safe in the now.

Focus on this: Three of Pentacles
What might I focus on? What could help me to feel connected to myself, others, the moment? This card shows a figure working on a temple and there are two people who seem to be distracting him from his work. Aha! I need to focus less on distractions. Hmmm . . . that’s not easy for me because my brain tends to move a mile a minute. But perhaps if I cut out the distractions, I will find my way to now, and the purpose of what I should be doing.

Ponder this: Six of Swords
What do I most need to reflect on right now? Here the figures seem to be on a sad little journey. This makes me think about the journey that I’m on. Can I find joy in this journey? Can I get support at this time? How can I ask for that? Perhaps if I reach out to my support system, I can start to steer out of this funk.

What I discovered here: Remaining calm and reminding myself that I am safe helps me to come back into the moment and my body. When I do that, I am able to recognize my distractions and how they impact the way I want to feel. That realization also alerts me that I can ask for help at any time. My way to feel connected might be served by reaching out to the people who deeply support me. That support is the key to me feeling connected to others, to the present moment, and to myself.

Personally, I’m still journaling around these thoughts, prompts, and questions. Like a Zen koan, the more I journal, the more questions arrive. This process helps me to drill down into what’s really going on within me. The best part? The more I process, the more connected I actually feel.

I invite you to try using tarot in this simple, yet powerful way. Shuffle, ponder, see what you discover . . . and reconnect.


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