Sometimes you’re not in the zone, and that’s okay.

As an entrepreneur, there’s always so much pressure to be creating new stuff. Sometimes it’s pressure from everyone else. But most of the time its pressure put on ourselves. We give ourselves that illustrious entrepreneur title, and think we have to be in the ‘making stuff’ mode 24/7.

To illustrate, here’s a personal story . . .

Back in May, I launched my very first eCourse. The months leading up to the launch were pretty intense, and the launch itself was full on hustle-mode. Everything went great and I was stoked with the feedback from participants. But I was SO damn exhausted. And this was just the first round.

I really wanted to take a break — but I kept telling myself, “No, you can’t stop now. Now you know that people like this Course, so it’s time to figure out how to take it bigger and make better, more awesome stuff.”.

I pushed myself for a long time after that. Maybe 3 to 4 weeks. I would try to write down ideas and changes and come up with new product ideas, but when I actually sat down to work, nothing happened. My mind was total mush.

Eventually after about a month of that, I gave up. I stopped pushing. And I surrendered. I said to myself “Okay, we’re gonna stop pushing this so damn hard. When I’m ready to get back in the zone, I’ll feel it“.
And as soon as I did that — I instantly felt lighter and everything was just . . . easier.

Sure enough, after a few weeks off, I started feeling the vibe again. I came back into my work so much more refreshed and ready to go. It was taking that very clean break that allowed me to do this. Without it, I would have come back foggy and not clear on what I wanted to do. You’ve gotta step back to chill out, get some perspective, and to refresh your mind.

So, my friends, here’s what I want to tell you . . .

  • You don’t have to be ‘in the zone’ every damn day (you’re allowed time off)
  • Acknowledge when you’re not feeling it
  • Surrender to the struggle
  • Just roll with it, and know that you’ll return to ‘the zone’ when you’re ready

This is the way it goes. There’s an ebb and flow in business and in life. I’d love to know — what are the ways you go with the flow in your business? Have you had experiences with surrendering to the struggle (and then had magical things transpire)? Hit me up in the conversation box below!


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