I stumbled across a great site called Positively Present one day while browsing online. I remember thinking it was gorgeous and had lots of insightful content written by founder Dani DiPirro. Then, for weeks afterwards I kept seeing Dani’s name. EVERYWHERE! 

I tend to take these things as ‘signs’ from The Universe. And so I immediately reached out to Dani to see if she might want to contribute some original material to The Girl Who Knows. Fingers crossed, I waited. It was an exercise in feeling the fear and doing it anyway.

In truth, I don’t know why I was nervous because Dani is a total sweetheart, but I’m always anxious when introducing myself to people I don’t know (such is the introvert life). Sure enough, Dani replied back with a resounding YES, and so here we are today. Yay!

Dani is an incredible woman who has written numerous books, runs her popular online site and is a professional designer and illustrator. She’s been featured as Elle Magazine’s Coach of the Month and written articles for The Huffington Post, Forbes, Glamour and The Happiness Project, to name a few.

It is an honor and privilege to have such a grounded and inspired voice on our site. I can’t wait for you to get to know our lovely guest editor Dani DiPirro today – enjoy!



I’m thrilled to welcome you to our amazing tribe of guest editors Dani – thank you for saying yes! Let’s get right to it. Tell our readers who you are and what do you do + create + love?

Thank you, so happy to be here! I’m an author, blogger, and designer. Back in 2009 I launched my blog PositivelyPresent.com where I began sharing insights about living a positive and present life (something I have worked hard at). I’ve written a few books and e-books which I’m super proud of. And at my design studio, Twenty3, I focus on positive, modern graphic design and illustration, which is super rewarding. I live in a suburb of Washington, DC. and love cozying up with a good book. I’ve also been known to Instagram and Pin up a storm!


Oh yes, I’ve been known to spend hours on Pinterest myself! So, as a fellow blogger and writer I’d love to know why you decided to start your blog and your own business?

In 2009, I was at a low point in my life. I wasn’t happy with my relationships, my career, or myself. I did some soul-searching and realized I needed to start living more positively and more in the present. As a writer, I knew I wanted to share my experiences with living a positively present life via the written word so I launched PositivelyPresent.com.



I can resonate with wanting to be more positive and present. Can you tell us a bit more about why the work you do is so important (and how it helps you live more positive and present)?

Yes of course – I share my experiences of striving to live positively in the present (something that doesn’t always come easy to me) and I do my best to help others who struggle with negativity. My goal is to make the world a more positive place by sharing my personal experiences and insights. And in turn that helps me continue to live my life according to what I value and what’s important to me.

It’s definitely not easy to live that way (but so rewarding). When things aren’t feeling so positive, how do you stay motivated and inspired as a business owner?

I’m greatly inspired by my readers on the blog. Hearing from them about how I’ve positively impacted their lives in some way is such amazing inspiration and motivation. I also find myself very inspired by creative people (writers, artists, etc.) who are striving to live positive lives.

I have to ask – I’m all about using my senses to live a more present life and since you’re interested in presence as well, I’d love to what know your favorite (or predominant) sense is, why you think the senses are valuable and how you use them to live a more fulfilling life?

The senses are so important because like you mentioned above they help us to experience life fully in the present moment. Whenever I’m having trouble staying present, I focus on my senses and I’m instantly brought back into the moment. In times of great stress or pain, this can be immensely helpful.

My favorite sense is definitely sight. I’ve often said that I couldn’t live without words and colors and both of those things I’m able to access through vision. (Oddly enough, I have terrible eyesight, but thankfully contacts exist!) I use my vision to write and create and share my work with others. I also use it to seek out inspiration in the form of words, art, and photographs.


Yes, I relish my sense of sight too. Sunsets, flowers in the spring, amazing photographs on Instagram – it’s all so delicious! What are some of your favorite ways to indulge and light up your senses (sight as well as the others)?

When it comes to the sense of sight, I love creating — writing, drawing, making images for Instagram. When it comes to hearing, I love listening to music. I could spend all day just finding new songs (and some days I do since each week I put together a playlist over on my blog). Taste comes into play most when I’m eating some of my favorite foods, like chocolate or pizza. (Not the healthiest, I know, but they taste so good!) Smell isn’t a sense I pay attention to too much, but I’m in love with the smell of anything sweet, like freshly baked cookies. And touch definitely plays a major part when it comes to things like petting my dog, typing on my computer, or using a pencil to sketch a new drawing.



Your dog is the cutest!! So obviously you adore your pup, writing and creating – what else lights you up in life. What do you deeply love?

Some of my favorite things that light me up are: colors (especially joined together in a rainbow form), glitter and sparkly things, soft puppy dog fur, the pages of a much-loved book, a favorite song, a beautifully designed web page, a warm slice of pizza, the rainbow-hued sunset over the ocean, anything Ban.do makes (so colorful!), laughter, autumn leaves, a really good hug, funny lines from my favorite film (Elf), a sentence that makes me think differently, a cool breeze on a hot day, the smell of sugar cookies at Christmastime, a fresh box of colored pencils, sketching out new ideas, hearing an amazing song for the first time, cuddling with someone I love, the sight of my parents, watching clouds from an airplane seat, palm trees, Christmas trees, seeing words I’ve written in print, and the feeling of springtime sun after a long winter.




Such a great list Dani (and I’m with you on holiday sugar cookies – they’re sooo good)!  Because we love birthday’s ’round here, I have to ask – what’s your absolute ideal way to celebrate your birthday?

I’m a big fan of birthdays too! A dream birthday would be to travel somewhere beautiful (perhaps to the mountains?) with a few close friends and my family. And my dog would come too!

I love that – simple and surrounded by the people and places you love. So happy to hear you’re a birthday fan too! So when it’s not your birthday, what gets you out of bed in the morning?

My work. I’m excited to be helping people live more positive lives and that inspires me to get up and get to work every single day.

Yes I love that – I feel the same way about what we’re creating here at The Girl Who Knows. Tell us, what are you working on right now that feels amazing (like a celebration)?

I’m working on a new e-book focusing on self-love and I’m so excited for it to launch. Self-love is a very important topic when it comes to living a positive life and I know so many people will benefit from this e-book!


That sounds amazing! Be sure to let us know when it’s released so we can get our hands on a copy! Before you go I have just one final question: what do you know, for sure?

What I know for sure is: you have the power to choose what you think and the more you focus on staying positive and present, the more joyful your life will become.

. . . . . .

Once again, I’m super grateful to the stars for bringing Dani and I together. Her work is incredibly important, impactful and full of light. I admire her dedication to living a life filled with happiness, joy and presence – something that I know I could always use a bit more of. I can’t wait to see where Dani takes her work and her words next!

Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom with us here on The Girl Who Knows Dani! I’m inspired by what you’re creating in the world and I know our readers are too. It’s such a pleasure and an honor to have you be part of this community.

Now it’s time to head on over and check out Dani’s Contributor page. Also, head on over to PositivelyPresent.com to read more inspiring articles from Dani and check out her books and more!

I love getting to share these fun Q + A’s with you – I hope you enjoy getting to know some of the amazing people that are part of this community at The Girl Who Knows!



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