If you wander into the new age section of your local bookseller, you may find “oracle cards” sitting side by side with the Tarot. Oracle cards have become quite popular as of late so it’s not surprising to see them taking up shelf space. What are oracle cards?

Oracle cards are used for spiritual guidance and wisdom. While some follow a similar structure like a tarot deck (ex: Doreen Virtue’s Angel Tarot Deck), there is a diverse selection ranging from Chakra Healing to Power Animals and everything in between.

Tarot tends to follow a formula of 78 cards with Majors, Minors and Courts,  but oracle decks can be just about anything – there are no rules!

The beauty of oracle cards is their accessibility – unlike tarot, they often don’t require any training. Most of the time, the meaning is written right on the card, making them easy for anyone who wants guidance but doesn’t want to take the time to study tarot.

A few years ago, I attended a Tarot and Psychology conference where Dr. Elinor Greenberg, a licensed psychologist, led us through a workshop on making our own therapeutic oracle cards. It was a ton of fun and by the end of the class, each student had a mini-oracle to take home with them.

Since that time, I’ve enjoyed getting creative and making my own oracles for pleasure and guidance. It’s fun – and easy. Best part? Because there are no rules, you can make an oracle custom tailored to your tastes. It’s also a great activity on a rainy day alone – or with a group of friends.

Here’s how to make your very own oracle cards:

Gather your supplies. Crayons, markers, colored pencils – whatever medium you prefer to work with.

For the paper, you can use: construction paper, cardboard, blank index cards (my favorite), or you can purchase blank playing cards. Be aware that the blank ones are coated and may only be suitable for use with markers.

Decide on how many cards will be in your oracle deck. This is totally up to you.
Next, you might want to consider a theme. Your oracle deck should be based on whatever is meaningful for you. That could be inspirational quotes, fables, myths, scripture, yogic philosophy, or rap lyrics! Pick what moves YOU.

Put a different statement on each card and decorate any way that you like! Get creative – remember, there are no rules. and you don’t have to be a great artist. You want a deck that makes you happy – if that means drawings of flowers or fairies – or just a plain quote with no adornment, it’s all good.

Take your time until you are satisfied with the way your deck looks. That’s it!

Wanna get fancy? Laminate those bad boys – they will slip ‘n slide in your hands smoother than silk. (and P.S. they’ll also last longer)

How to use your personal oracle cards:

Whenever you need guidance, shuffle your deck.
Pull one card and turn it over.
Let that message rest with you.
Instant guidance!

Think of this practice as a way to get a comforting or motivational message from your own wise inner guide. Because ultimately, that’s what oracles, tarot and other divination tools are all about: helping the seeker to unlock their own wisdom.

And your own personal oracle deck can be a key in that process.

Have fun!


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