I’ve been drawn to crystals since I was a little girl. I’m sure this was partially due to their inherent beauty with different shapes and vibrant colors. What I didn’t consciously understand back then, was that I was probably attracted to certain crystals because of the energetic and supportive properties they each possess.

Today I want to dive deep into crystals and share how to use them to support you in manifesting anything from soulmate clients to self love. You’ll discover how crystals work, how they can help you in your business/work life, and which crystals are best for attracting abundance, protection, and love (because we all want people to feel how much we LOVE what we do, right?!)

Crystals carry their own energy and vibration. I mean this physically and esoterically in the sense that the atoms that come together in different variations and combinations.

The way in which atoms join together determines what physical material will manifest. Esoterically, this translates to each crystal holding a different vibration to help transmit and magnify energy in different ways.

Ok, so how can this help you in life and in your business?

By having certain crystals around, you bring specific energies into your space. Say you want to attract more financial abundance to your business…there’s a stone for that. How about if you feel a ‘negative’ or ‘icky’ energy coming from a coworker or business partner? There are stones that can help protect you. Many of us are heart-centered, soulful entrepreneurs and want the love and passion we have for our work to come through in the ways we communicate with the world. There are stones that support these intentions too!

citrine-crystals The Girl Who KnowsThe first stone we will discuss is Citrine. Citrine is one of my favorite stones because it is so powerful in the energy it brings to a space. Its energy seems to radiate like the rays of the sun, which is why it is so great when your intention is for your business to grow abundantly. You can place it on your desk, or have it positioned so it is what people see when they are checking out at your storefront. Citrine is also great for healing work on the Solar Plexus (confidence) and Sacral (creative) Chakras, and ranges in color from light brown to yellow to deep orange.

hematite crystal the girl who knowsOn to protection! One of my favorite stones for getting rid of negative energy is Hematite. Sometimes, when we work with other people whose intentions are greed, manipulation to get ahead, or “every woman for herself” it can be challenging to not let it affect us. Bringing Hematite into your work space acts as a sort of “mirror” shield of protection. By its natural mirror finish when polished, it reflects any negative energy a person is projecting toward you back at them. This protects you from absorbing their negativity, and in turn gives them the opportunity to “see” how they are showing up in the world. Keep Hematite on your desk, or wear in a piece of jewelry.

Rose Quartz is my favorite stone for love. As heart centered business women, it is important to regularly connect to the energy of love through our work. We want our love of what we do to radiate to all those who may be interested in what we have to give. Wear this stone as a pendant or mala, or place a piece in your window to align yourself and your business with the energy of love.



Finally, we need to be able to communicate our message with the world! Chrysocolla is one of my all time favorite stones. The shades of turquoise and green remind me of some of my favorite tropical getaways, but I really love it because it has supported me in learning to communicate clearly from my heart. This is so important in the world today as we are constantly bombarded with information. We have to align ourselves with language that clearly expresses our intentions with the work we do…and Chrysocolla is the stone to help us with that! You can wear this beautiful stone as a pendant or ring, or keep it near your phone or computer, since that is how we communicate with others!

Now that you have an awareness of the different stones that can help you in the workplace, put an intention out into the Universe. For example, “The perfect Citrine is on its way to me now.” Then keep your eyes and heart open to receiving, and the perfect crystal will find its way to you. Even if there is not a crystal store near you, there are amazing, intentional, high vibration storefronts online on sites like Etsy. As always, allow your intuition to guide you to the perfect stone for you. You will know it when you see it!

Do you have a favorite crystal that you use to help you get through the work day? Comment below and let us know!


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  1. Really enjoyed this post. I just visited my local crystal shop yesterday after a meeting with a close friend. I was reminded that I’m still finding reasons to neglect other things that matter to me in life as I push, push, push to “get there” in my business. I felt inspired to create an altar for the business I’m launching, the name of which is heavily inspired by amethyst, and came home with tennis ball size pieces of selenite, citrine, and rose quartz, plus a smaller piece of cracked quartz. I was hoping to find a large piece of amethyst but I wasn’t feeling called to any. I’ll be adding my tumbled chrysocolla now that you’ve reminded me about that. And I always have hematite (along with pyrite and galena) on my desk.

    I still don’t understand how the energetic compositions and vibrations of crystals are more capable of helping us in very specific ways more than say a regular ‘ol rock or piece of bark (since everything is energy/vibration arranged in a certain way) – but I’m much more about what I find to be useful than what has been “proven to be true”. I no longer find the ultimate power to be in supposed “truth” but in the power of what we believe to be true.

    1. Love that you created an altar for your business Bunny, such a brilliant idea! The crystals you picked feel like a perfect fit for that. I’m all about going with what feels right to me, when it comes to crystals. I too am not quite sure about the energetics and all that, but just know that they make me feel good. And that’s good enough for me! 🙂

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