Spending time with friends is very high on my priority list, but sometimes life gets in the way (let’s be honest, it often gets in the way). 

And it’s at times like these, when I’m at my most frazzled, that I could use some relaxation and the company of my closest pals.

Need some ideas for bringing your friends together? How about quality time while organizing a fun “crafternoon”? Or hosting an impromptu dinner party? Or attending a cool DIY workshop together? The only goal here: to celebrate friendships.

Want to take it a step further? You could go on a mini-vacation or day-trip together to recharge and unwind. Or hole up in a hotel a few miles from home, order room service and watch movies together (a low-key staycation). That’s exactly what I like doing with some of my dearest friends. I always look forward to being with them and sharing fun experiences together.

If you’re looking to celebrate the friendships in your life, here is a list of ideas to inspire you to organize your own celebratory experience.

♥ Take a vegan cooking class ♥ Have a retro tea party ♥ Go for long walks at the beach ♥ Go vintage shopping ♥ Spend a day at the spa and re-lax ♥ Schedule lazy times – not doing anything at ALL can be so refreshing! ♥ Comb each other’s hair while watching crap TV ♥ Sleep the whole damn day ♥ Unplug. Yes, there’s life outside the ‘www’ ♥ Enjoy a nice chat with a glass of wine ♥ Make a vision board and vision each other’s dreams ♥ Go for a run together – blast some music and clear your head ♥ Get a friendship tattoo ♥ Plan a volunteer date ♥ Go to a gig of a band you don’t know and soak in the music ♥ Wear your most flowy dress and dance-dance-dance ♥ Go on a boat trip on a sunny day ♥ Organize a crafternoon – get your DIY on ♥ Get matching mani-pedi’s ♥ Make a playlist that perfectly encapsulates your friendship ♥ Enjoy some meal prepping time together ♥ Go laser shooting ♥ Host a brainstorm sesh on how to expand your friends’ blogger empire ♥ Stroll by the flea-markets on Sunday and hunt for treasures ♥ Prepare the biggest and most delicious breakfast together ♥ Go for a girl gang bike ride ♥ Go on a field trip – explore your city together ♥ Create your own ‘cocktail maison’ ♥ Organize a ‘skill share’ ♥ Celebrate your friendship with impromptu photoshoots at the beach ♥ Have a pillow fight while dressed up in silly outfits ♥ Make a video of your recent activities together and put it on YouTube ♥ Feed & cuddle shelter animals ♥ Talk about all of the sweet memories you’ve made together as friends ♥ Make a friendship photo album ♥ Watch the sunrise ♥ Hold a clothing swap with mutual friends ♥ Have a movie marathon all day long ♥ Enjoy a wine and cheese picnic ♥ Swap mix tapes ♥ Host a slumber party in onesies ♥ Go old-school rollerskating ♥ Craft your very own tasting menu ♥ Go to a yoga class together ♥ Have your favorite desserts delivered to your home ♥ Post crazy cat/dog lady messages on Facebook ♥ Go to karaoke and sing a friendship duet together ♥ Do something different – something you all have never done before ♥
So, what will you try first? In what ways can you celebrate the amazing friendships in your life? Tell me how you like to celebrate in the comments below!

I’ll leave you with one of my favorite quotes about friendship . . .

Let us be grateful to people who make us happy, they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.
~Marcel Proust

To Friendship!


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