When was the last time you REALLY celebrated your birthday?

I mean like REALLY REALLY celebrated.
With sparklers, cupcakes, streamers, fancy party hats, pretty dresses, glittery shoes and all your best friends.

Last year, I realized how embarrassingly lackluster my celebrations had gotten over the years.
I’ve had lots of parties in my day, but most of the memorable one’s that come to mind involve magicians, miniature-golf or Chuck-E-Cheese.
As I’ve gotten older, celebrations have taken a back seat to my busy schedule, work, and quite frankly just flat out not being in a “party” kinda mood.
Booooo! SO not fun.

I’m turning 35 this year. This month actually.
And in the last two years have really begun longing for birthday celebrations. In a big way!

Remember your Sweet 16? The anticipation and excitement of finally being able to drive. And without a permit!!
You finally felt like a real adult.
By 21, you were celebrating your new “legal” age. Beverages most likely flowed. Vegas may have been in your future.
At 30 you were probably celebrating in style, saying a fond farewell to your 20’s!

And it’s not just American’s that celebrate these mile markers.
In Japan there’s a “Coming of Age Day” when you turn 20.
In Hispanic cultures, turning 15 = quinceañera time!
The Chinese mark 60 as an important milestone.

And what about Willard Scott? He celebrates a special group of centenarians every day on the Today Show.

Willard Scott

For the last few years I’ve done an experiment.
I celebrate my birthday for the entire month of April.
I vow to do one thing each day to celebrate myself. Just ’cause.
I get spa treatments, cook homemade meals, go to concerts, curl up with a book and some tea, play hooky…it is BRILLIANT!

And so, my Taurean self decided to go big again this year.
I am currently in Week Two of my dedicated month of birthday revelry.
And I’m loving it!

I snap one photo each day with my iPhone to document my daily indulgence. A fun way to remember all the wonderful ways I showered myself with love, appreciation and self-care.
You can follow my daily updates by heading over to the Facebook page for The Girl Who Knows.

I’m curious how you celebrate your birthday each year.
Leave a comment below and let me know about your most favorite birthday memory.
And tell me what you plan to do this year to make your birthday EXTRA amazing! And while you’re at it, why not celebrate for the whole month. 😉





Images (clockwise): Ashley Batz via Style Me Pretty | The Fresh Exchange | Paige Winn Photography | Simply Vintageous 

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